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Alli-strology: May 26

Allison Drennan May 26, 2022

Dear readers, It is me! OMGGGGGG it’s my LAST EVR omggggg i’m gonna cry — don’t look -– just kidding -– I think I look kinda hot when I cry LMAO. Like the tears falling, slight frown -–...

Alli-strology: May 20

Allison Drennan May 19, 2022

It’s me — your fellow astrology friend here to give you this week’s forecast. There’s been a lot happening lately in the sky with the gorgeous blood moon and mercury in retrograde. You could say...

Alli-strology: May 13

Allison Drennan May 12, 2022

Dear Reader, I hope your week has been filled with tender moments and rest. If not, here’s to making next week one that allows you to do all you need to in order to feel healthy and cared for. Mercury...

Alli-strology: May 6

Allison Drennan May 5, 2022

Dear reader, Another end of the week! Whatever happened this week, good, bad, great, horrid, you made it through! Pat yourself on the back! COVID cases are spiking and masks are officially back in...

Alli-strology: April 29

Allison Drennan April 28, 2022

Hi! It’s Taurus season, and you know what that means! Oh, you don’t? That’s okay! That’s why I’m here. Taurus season brings comfort, revelations and self-discovery. This season will help...

Alli-strology: April 22

Allison Drennan April 22, 2022

Hi! I’m writing this after a busy and exciting day. I hope you are doing well this week and making sure to care for yourself, however that looks. Recently, there was an absolutely stunning pink full...

Alli-strology: April 15

Allison Drennan April 15, 2022

Hi there, friend, It’s me, Allison, and welcome to this Allistrology spot in The Carletonian! This week, I’ll give a short and sweet sentence or two to help clarify things and make it easy to focus....

Alli-strology: April 8

Allison Drennan April 8, 2022

Hi! After a short spring break and before that an unexpected finals week surprise (cough, cough, covid), I am oh, so ready to supply y’all with the astrological content you’ve been missing! <3...

Alli-strology: March 4

Allison Drennan March 4, 2022

Yoohoo, It’s me, (are u shocked? I can’t see your face.) Your favorite (in general? Maybe! lmk)... I was about to write ‘Allison,’ but there are other Allisons on this campus and I am not here...

Alli-strology: 2/24

Allison Drennan February 25, 2022

Hello, Another Friday is here, and with it comes a feeling of relief that class is over,—but is it truly over at Carleton? Finals are coming up and comps deadlines are fast approaching. Remember...


Allison Drennan February 11, 2022

Dear Reader, It’s the Valentine’s Edition. This means that these horoscopes will be focused on love in any form. You can apply this to yourself, a significant other, a family member, etc. Expressing...


Allison Drennan February 5, 2022

Hi there! It’s me, your favorite Sagittarius, and I’m back to help guide you through this upcoming week! If you’re new or unfamiliar with astrology, read the horoscopes based on your ascendant/...

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