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The Carletonian is Carleton College‘s editorially independent student newspaper. It has been written, edited and managed entirely by Carleton students since 1877. Currently, the Carletonian is distributed Fridays during the academic term at various points around the campus.

The Carletonian website was also created entirely by students. The source code for the site is available here. At the moment, it is primarily developed by Nathaniel MacArthur-Warner ’20 with assistance from Karen Wang ’22.


You can purchase print subscriptions to the Carletonian here. Faculty/Staff discounts are available here.


Members of the Carleton community may post comments on all stories published to this site. The Carletonian reserves the right to delete comments that meet the the following criteria.

1) Does not include the correct, full name of the poster. Depending on the content, the Carletonian may accept comments under “Anonymous”.

2) Uses racist, sexist, homophobic or other blatantly offensive language.

3) Targets and personally attacks a Carletonian reporter, the poster of another comment or member of the Carleton community. While the Carletonian encourages discourse, we ask that users be civil.

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to our CONTACT page.