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Alli-strology: May 13

Dear Reader,

I hope your week has been filled with tender moments and rest. If not, here’s to making next week one that allows you to do all you need to in order to feel healthy and cared for. Mercury has been retrograde since May 10 and will stay here until June. We’ve been here before, but do not think this will be a period of suffering for you. It allows us to reflect on the past and understand our present conditions more deeply. Have faith and know there is a divine plan at play. 


Allison Drennan 

Aries: What has got you confused lately? What can help you feel more centered? Perhaps it is rest and hydration, perhaps it’s a conversation. It is easy to overlook basic self-care like rest and drinking enough water, so focus on this during the upcoming week; you’ll be so grateful you did.

Taurus: Think of the future, Taurus, but keep in mind that the past version of you imagined a future much different from where you are now. What this week will ask of you is to visualize what you desire. Is this friendship or stability when it comes to your significant other? More money? There is a version of you that has all of this, so live your life this upcoming week as if you have all of this and express gratitude. After all, this is the future version of you.

Gemini: Create a space of quiet for yourself. There has been a lot of noise surrounding you that has made it hard to focus on what really matters. You are adaptable and intelligent, so this week, prioritize you and what you want to do.

Cancer: Good news is headed your way and clarity on a situation is imminent. Have faith that everything will work out for you because you have good intentions. 

Leo: Allow yourself to make mistakes without judgment. Things are only embarrassing if we believe they are. There have been plenty of moments lately that have been dependent on your reactions; let the mistakes this upcoming week show you opportunities. 

Virgo: Take note of how you are treating yourself and the people you interact with. This is not necessarily about the people you know, but rather about the strangers or acquaintances you meet day-to-day. Open yourself up to learning and connecting with new people and you will begin to feel fresh and less weighed-down by the pressure of expectations. 

Libra: You are highly valued, but some people may not recognize this. These people teach us lessons about how we cannot depend on others’ judgment more than our own. If you know at your core how precious you are, the people who believe otherwise will distance themselves from you. 

Scorpio: There has been a lot of clutter in the mind lately–a lot of things on the mental to-do lists. Stick to one thing at a time and don’t get too caught up in the details of things.

Sagittarius: Why is there a feeling of paranoia surrounding you lately? Early on, there was a desire to protect yourself from negative forces and things, but now, trust that you are protected. Allow people to show themselves to you and give yourself the break you need from constant suspicion.

Capricorn: See to it that you discover who you are apart from the relationships and friendships you have or had. Although they are incredibly important to you, you crave and possess a natural independence that drives you. What do you like to do? Where do you like to be? What brings you happiness? Peace? Give yourself space to discover more of yourself on your own.

Aquarius: You have been opening yourself up to new opportunities and have met a lot of new people lately. Be proud of yourself and think about where you were a year ago. You deserve to have friends who value and respect you. Push against the habit of projecting potential onto people and see them for who they are and what they have shown you. 

Pisces: Talk back to the voices in your head that tell you to be more rational. In this life, you are meant to envision a better reality and find people who compliment you. You are doing much better than you give yourself credit for. See yourself through another’s eyes and recognize how radiant you have become. 

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