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Alli-strology: April 8


After a short spring break and before that an unexpected finals week surprise (cough, cough, covid), I am oh, so ready to supply y’all with the astrological content you’ve been missing! <3 It was so heartwarming to hear that Sam (or, as you, reader, might better remember them: “Sam xxoxox”) came to the rescue and wrote the previous edition of Alli-strology! Three cheers for Sam, everybody! Yay! Thank you, Sam, and thank you my beloved Alli-strology reader for spending time with me in this lovely Carletonian Bald Spot space. Perhaps I am feeling this increased sense of gratitude and joy because of the recent New Moon in Aries on March 31st. Also, Venus entered Pisces on April 5th and will stay there for several weeks, so this could def be contributing to the burgeoning feelings of compassion and love (awwww, so delightful!)!!

With all of this in mind, I’m excited to transition to a new chapter with y’all and encourage you to enjoy all of the beautiful energy that comes with Venus in the blissful sign of Pisces!

to the moon and back,

Allison Drennan 


Aries: There’s a desire for newness and excitement that’s been on your mind. Resist waiting for someone and push yourself to spend some time with yourself. You have a lot to offer and your fiery energy is expansive, so it can be challenging to redirect once you’ve set your sights on something. Direct your energy inward and you’ll soon see shifts around you occur. 

Taurus: A feeling of stagnancy has quietly irked you for a while.  Is the reason for this feeling hard to place, or is the change you so desperately desire caused by something or someone you are struggling to let go? This tension will increase the longer you stay. Think of your higher self— what would they do? You aren’t meant to feel so restricted, babes— trust your gut. 

Gemini: What if you took a moment to watch things unfold without your interference? It is exhausting to constantly feel the need to scramble and act like a cruise director. If there is this much in need of directing and controlling, is it meant to be? You are not meant to exhaust yourself. You are committed and flexible, but you can sometimes get wrapped up in matters that require you to do most, if not all, of the heavy lifting. Take a beat, sweet Gemini, and rest. 

Cancer: You are a creator of moments. This is powerful, Cancer. You have the power to use the present moment to leave a loving, lasting impact on people. Some of the zodiac signs’ strengths lie in chasing the idea of utopian futures (Sag and Aquarius), and other signs like Pisces blend past and future to help the other signs see the oneness of time. Cancer, take charge this week and do not fear the future— when the time comes, expect to shine; this is your moment. 

Leo: The week ahead allows for new opportunities for you to continue to discover who you are and what this means to you. You are really connected to others right now; perhaps random people have popped into your mind lately. Trust your instincts. Reach out to people you miss. Venus in Pisces will help you feel ready to open up. 

Virgo: Lately, things have been ok, but is your mind having a hard time shutting off? You are a natural preparer and seek to achieve a sense of balance and stability through control. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you are doing your best. You move fast usually, but for now, rest and let the rest of your body process everything and relax. 

Libra: This week you likely will face moments that could potentially irritate you. Specifically, people who have traits similar to those that you don’t like about yourself. These people are there for a reason. Use this opportunity as a mirror to get to know and understand the pieces of yourself (aka shadow self) that you tended to avoid in the past. You should be so proud of yourself!

Scorpio: Today there could be a question that comes to mind concerning the future and potential anxieties surrounding the future. You are much better prepared than you give yourself credit for. Listen and respond to yourself and your thoughts in the manner of a beloved friend. You can be hard on yourself, so this week, pay attention to the kinds of thoughts and anxieties that pop into your mind. You are on the right track— get some good sleep this weekend, too. 

Sagittarius: Somehow there’s simultaneously been a lull and what has felt like a massive jump forward for you, Sagittarius. You are blessed with a healthy dose of optimism and the inner knowledge that everything will somehow manage to work out. Go back to the basics, and appreciate yourself as you are. It’s tempting to want to blend into the background sometimes, but you are meant to stand out and shine. Be proud of who you are and know that you are abundant and divinely guided. The past might have left you feeling frustrated with your choices, but this week will be different; you have grown and might feel compelled to express something this week— you’re ready (omg exciting)

Capricorn: It is such an odd feeling comparing how you once envisioned how your life would play out to how your life looks now. You are a hard worker, yes, but more importantly, you, Capricorn, understand that life can only be predicted up to a point— so you do your best to prepare and control what you can control. Is it confusing? Yes. Are you doing your best? Yes! There has been a recent unforeseen development that has left you trying to understand it. Practice letting go and rest assured that you’ll find clarity soon.

Aquarius: What is holding you back right now? Are you feeling tongue-tied? Frustrated? Jittery? This is due to pent-up energy in your body. Right now, practice patience with yourself and try some grounding exercises to reconnect yourself with your body (like meditation). You are close to this next chapter of your life and this discomfort is a reminder to stay present and notice what already exists around you. 

Pisces: Love is at your core and at your best you radiate and share this with the world. Let yourself breathe and remember that routines, while they help stabilize us, can sometimes stifle your creativity and leave you feeling bleh. Balance is the main topic in this next chapter of yours. Be an observer of your schedule this week and remain open to what unfolds.

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