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Alli-strology: May 26

Dear readers,

It is me! OMGGGGGG it’s my LAST EVR omggggg i’m gonna cry — don’t look -– just kidding -– I think I look kinda hot when I cry LMAO. Like the tears falling, slight frown -– it all comes together to create a masterfully tragic, beautiful, intentional, vulnerable sight. Perhaps it’s my Aquarius stellium that can be blamed for my individual complex. Skskksksks. There’s a lot happening in the universe, it’s not just you. There’s retrograde, there’s conjunctions, there’s finals, there’s Rottblatt, a lot of planets are in aries which makes for fiery vibes and impulsivity! HOT! Neptune’s in Pisces which means dreams and intuition are likely strong especially for Pisces risings and Pisces stellium babes. Yahoo. If you have any other questions ever about astrology follow my instagram and dm me @drennana_ since I won’t be writing Alli-strology in the Carletonian anymore :,,,,,,,,,,,(…anyways. It’s been an amazing and freeing pleasure to write and connect and help y’all with this complicated subject! LOVE U! Focus on ur rising/ascendant’s horoscope and/or if you have 2 or more planets in the same sign (e.g. same moon and rising, etc.). 


ALLISON <33333333333333

Aries: Feel confident in your energy wherever you are right now. There’s a lot of power you have with so many planets in your sign. Go with the flow and trust yourself.

Taurus: Chill vibes? Should that have been a statement? I don’t know. There may be a lot of confusion on what to do and where to head right now but just follow your gut and choose pleasure and fun. You had a full season and you are ready for what lies ahead, baby! woooo!

Gemini: It’s ur season!!!! scjfieurcbwro! Embrace the weird, unexpected jumble of things that makes for fun times and good memories. Embrace new beginnings and new people and recognize them for who they are as they show you. The potential you place on others–put that on yourself and see how loving and encouraging you are. You have so much to offer!!

Cancer: Day-to-day, it might be hard to find the little joys sometimes, but recognize that you are in an era of power and strength. You’ve got a lot to be proud of and you shouldn’t shy away from the spotlight. People want to celebrate you.

Leo: What is making you happy right now? Run with that. Make sure to prioritize your own needs and see to it that the people you surround yourself with give you as much as you give them. Balance will be found.

Virgo: The pressure to find the right fit and the best option for something weighs heavily on your mind. You carefully assess the options and take pride in how you navigate decision-making. Try to be a little more spontaneous this week and weekend. You have an incredible intuition.

Libra: Take pride in your ability to find beauty in all situations. Believe yourself and recognize how you feel lately. Have friends been reacting to you in a way that has rubbed you wrong? Pay attention to that and don’t gaslight yourself.

Scorpio: Give yourself time to let loose and forget about the many things on your to-do list. You know how to have fun and you shouldn’t deprive yourself.

Sagittarius: Open up and expand. It’s a perfect time to explore and meet new people and express yourself freely. Fear of judgment is temporary, but forming connections with people creates bonds that can make the world a better place. 

Capricorn: It’s a great time to break things off and start fresh. However this looks for you. This is maybe a relationship of any kind that has just run its course or another thing that you have been meaning to end. Concentrate on how you feel when you are around certain people and use this feeling to guide you forward. 

Aquarius: Take note of the quiet moments and take a break from your current schedule and situation. Allow yourself to express anger, joy — anything pent up that’s been repressed by the term or maybe this is something that’s been bothering you for a much longer time. Start small if you are a little nervous, but trust that whatever you decide is the right choice for you. 

Pisces: You give a lot, and you are an incredible person to confide in. Don’t doubt that you hold such a dear place in people’s hearts. You are not a burden if you express yourself or want to communicate something. Let your worries and thoughts be known. A lot more people can relate to you than you realize. 

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