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Alli-strology: April 15

Hi there, friend,

It’s me, Allison, and welcome to this Allistrology spot in The Carletonian! This week, I’ll give a short and sweet sentence or two to help clarify things and make it easy to focus. There’s so much always happening around us that something even as small as the conscious choice to spend five minutes a day mindfully breathing can make all the difference. Take a stretch, reach out to an old or new friend and most importantly, as you might care for another person or people, remember to treat yourself and your body with love. As always, check out your ascendant/rising sign for the most accurate horoscope. 

Your friend,

Allison Drennan

Aries: Bring your focus back to yourself and put your attention to your bedroom space and general living space. Perhaps it has been put off longer than you would normally like (I can relate). This week is a perfect opportunity to pick up a few things and start fresh. 

Taurus: Push yourself to spend more time out of your room and in nature (if it isn’t hailing and raining of course ;)). You could feel lethargic for various reasons, and spending some time in the Arb or wherever might help you feel a bit more recharged and lighter. 

Gemini: Love has been on the mind a lot lately. It can be something all-consuming to focus our attention on and make it easier to potentially avoid addressing some of our own personal troubles. Is there anything you might be avoiding? Looking at ourselves can be incredibly challenging, so have patience with yourself. 

Cancer: For as long as you can remember, there has been a pressure on you (whether you or others around you enforced this) to carry a lot of other people’s emotional baggage. You are gentle and thoughtful. This next week, focus on learning about and/or establishing boundaries. You can do this. 

Leo: Sometimes the fear of mediocrity and fading into the background haunts you, and sometimes it is massively appealing. You place a lot of pressure on yourself to be the “happy” friend and the “jokey and lighthearted” friend. This week, spend time thinking about the different parts of yourself and specifically explore at least one aspect you feel embarrassed of. You are doing the right thing. 

Virgo: You are really skilled at fixing things and finding the root of issues. This can be a big help to others and also sometimes be overwhelming for people around you. Trust yourself and know that you do have good intentions. 

Libra: Make a special effort these next few days to meet new people. You are gracious and bubbly. If you find you don’t vibe with someone, don’t take it personally, babes, because the goal shouldn’t be to be liked by everyone, but to find the few people who really understand you. XOXO.

Scorpio: What has it been lately in your life that you have desired the most? One of the hardest things to process is the fact that if it is meant to be, it will happen. The universe has your back, so try letting your grip loosen a tad. 

Sagittarius: You are a force to be reckoned with. You have a lot to be proud of, and there are people around you who notice your hard work. Keep doing you and challenge the thoughts that make you doubt yourself. 

Capricorn: See all of the lovely things around you right now, Capricorn. It is easy to quickly move from one thing to the next, but dang! You did that! Your recent successes have been massive, so remember to practice mindfulness so you don’t forget about all of the incredible things you accomplish!

Aquarius: Basic necessities like getting enough sleep, food, water, good hygiene, have been trickier to manage, and maybe this is because you have too much on your plate right now. Dial it back and don’t beat yourself up. You are doing so much, but sometimes less is more. <3

Pisces: You might not be aware, but you are tackling some major issues right now. Think about where you were last year. If you say you might have been in a better place, consider what you are addressing and going through now that you might have been avoiding last year. You are so powerful and doing an incredible job. You are healing a lot and transforming, so treat yourself with some compassion and know that you are doing the work and heading in the right direction.

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