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Campus COVID-19 Cases Rise, Housing Limited

Campus COVID-19 Cases Rise, Housing Limited

Sophia Quast March 11, 2022

On Wednesday, the COVID-19 Core Team communicated changes to campus masking policy in light of an increase in COVID-19 cases on campus. Last week, 24 new cases were detected, which increased the 14-day...

New COVID-19 policy takes effect

Sophia Quast February 25, 2022

New COVID-19 policies were implemented this week, including allowing for optional masking in most indoor spaces on campus for students, faculty and staff who are fully vaccinated and boosted.  A...

10 False Positive COVID-19 Tests Reported

Sophia Quast February 11, 2022

On Feb. 4, the COVID-19 Core Team sent out a campus wide email stating that ten samples from Week 4’s random surveillance testing were cross-contaminated and falsely identified as positive for COVID-19....

Student town hall with COVID-19 core team

Sophia Quast February 4, 2022

On January 25, Dean Carolyn Livingston, President Alison Byerly and consulting epidemiologist Ben Miller hosted a virtual Student Town Hall to answer questions about the state of COVID-19 on campus.  Last...

Carls in confinement: the isolation process

Hannah Klein January 21, 2022

For most people, getting a positive test result comes as a complete surprise. Yet with rising cases on campus, positive test results have become a reality for over 150 Carleton community...

New isolation experiences as case count grows

Maya Shook January 21, 2022

The Omicron variant has caused surges in COVID-19 cases throughout the world, and Carleton is no exception. Since students returned from winter break, the rate of positive tests for Carleton students,...

College opens COVID-19 Rapid Testing Center

Lindsay Boettiger October 29, 2021

Seeking a suitable space close to SHAC to conveniently test students, faculty, and staff, the room that once belonged to the Carletonian has been repurposed. In response to a high demand for COVID-19...

OHP post about “Zoom exhaustion” reaches 2.7 million Facebook users, viewed in UK, Singapore, New Zealand

OHP post about “Zoom exhaustion” reaches 2.7 million Facebook users, viewed in UK, Singapore, New Zealand

Katy Gilbertson May 30, 2020

Before this month, the typical number of “likes” the Office of Health Promotion (OHP) received on a Facebook post was about four. One particularly popular post received five likes and nine shares....

SHAC sees success with transition to telehealth

Amelia Broman May 23, 2020

Like many campus offices, Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) has faced a difficult reality this spring amid the collective transition online. For SHAC, in-person appointments and services are no longer...

David Estrems farm in Nerstrand, Minnesota. / Source: Ryan Flanagan.

Supply chain breakdown and economic downturn hurt Northfield-area farmers

Felipe Jimenez May 23, 2020

COVID-19 has created a bleak economic outlook for Rice County farmers. The pandemic has paralyzed the global economy and disrupted critical supply chains, preventing farm products from seamlessly reaching...

Books in quarantine

N. Malte Collins May 23, 2020

They’re like pacifiers. Though it’s more involved than that; bad comparison. Something distracting and thought-provoking enough to avoid ennui,insulated enough to quell anxiety, and hopefully original...

Gov. Walz announces phased reopening strategy, sparks controversy with legislators, nurses and churches

Amelia Broman May 23, 2020

The information presented in this article is drawn primarily from the Minnesota COVID-19 press conferences led by Governor Tim Walz.  These conferences will take place each weekday at 2:00 pm CST...

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