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Alli-strology: March 4


It’s me, (are u shocked? I can’t see your face.) Your favorite (in general? Maybe! lmk)… I was about to write ‘Allison,’ but there are other Allisons on this campus and I am not here to compete, only to team up (other spellings included ofc, I’m not a monster). Can you tell I might be feeling a little extra loopy rn? I rather like how my humor has been lately, and I defo think it’s because I have been existing as Allison, historian of English astrologer William Lilly (1602–1681) and have been writing non-stop about the small European fellow (I actually have no clue how tall this man was… I went back to add an adjective because I thought it would be intriguing, but now I’m left wondering how I would look as a 5’10 woman + platform docs (naturally, my loves) next to this mustachioed mister (I just laughed to myself—I adore alliteration). Would we also get along? Perhaps! Perhaps not! He was a sucker for drama and chose violence when he married his boss’s widow (there was an age diff too and they kept their love secret for a whileeee (like Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn (another British bloke!)). 

(What if I disobeyed the laws of paragraph flow and just didn’t form any transition between these paragraphs? Did I just form a transition when I said that? Ugh, I almost had something there…)

Astrologically, there was a new moon in Pisces on March 2nd, which means that there were likely some profound realizations and it was highly likely that you felt super exhausted and/or emotionally overwhelmed. This means there’s growth and a new beginning happening. Have some patience and celebrate yourself because there was a lot going on and you should take it easy.

Stay cheeky,

Allison Xx

Aries: Let yourself rest this weekend. You’ve likely been going, going, going, and can feel burnout on the horizon. Take a little break for yourself.

Taurus: Meet up with some friends and talk about something you have been scared to share with them. It doesn’t have to be anything super detailed if you sense it’s not the time nor place to discuss. Take note of how your body is feeling and reacting this weekend. Try to de-stress.

Gemini: Take action on what you have been waiting to do. Maybe this is laundry, maybe it’s starting that essay, maybe it’s reaching out to let someone know how much you care for them (omg, that’s adorbs). Take a leap of faith.

Cancer: Prepare for good times ahead. You have been so strong lately, and the universe knows how you have challenged yourself and persevered. Other people have noticed you have been growing for the better too, Cancer, whether you, yourself, have noticed this or not. Other people see your glow right now, and, might I say, you are radiant.

Leo: Focus on how you can get the most out of this weekend and upcoming week. Try out the assumption that everything will work out for you… Because, what if it does? You are successful and known to many people as a loving person. Practice self-compassion. 

Virgo: You anticipate events long before they even occur. You do exist in the present, but the mind often tries to prepare the self for what’s to come. Try something new this weekend—this could be something like a party—or exploring a new spot. Keep your mind open. 

Libra: Try something this weekend that engages your senses. You love a sensory experience, much like Taurus, but you like to focus on how these experiences harmonize with one another. Try to close your eyes and focus on what you feel—how your body feels. Perhaps you have a favorite smell, food, drink or sound. This will also help to decrease stress and ground you in the present moment. 

Scorpio: Take note of what is around you right now. How can you see yourself in others? What attracts you and what repels you? Reflect on these things and you’ll begin to learn more about yourself. This will help you not only feel more confident, but will allow you to feel a tad more comfortable with the idea of opening up. 

Sagittarius: It’s funny to think that for a Sagittarius, your ideal life allows you to explore freely—you should be able to flow from place to place and connect—but in order to truly connect with others, you are challenged to understand life from other people’s perspectives, and perhaps they imagine life differently than you do. Ironically, the fear of boundaries and restrictions, in fact, limits what you allow yourself to experience. Connecting with people is one of life’s greatest joys. Listen to the people around you and be honest when you speak this weekend. There’s a lot to be discovered when you look beyond yourself. 

Capricorn: You have a lot to share but can be a little too focused on what you consider “right” or “wrong” and “true” or “false.” You have principles and attribute your successes to your hard work, but, this weekend, try to release some control and collaborate.

Aquarius: There’s been a lotttt on your mind lately, and things might have felt incredibly up-and-down this past week. And you got through it. *claps* Take it easy on yourself, Aquarius, and know that your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Practice positive self-talk this weekend. Pisces: It is your season, and this past week’s new moon in your sign has you feeling extra in-tune with your emotions, whether you like it or not. Practice patience with yourself and get some rest, Pisces. You give a lot, and this period asks that you focus on yourself. Hbd 😉

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