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Alli-strology: April 22


I’m writing this after a busy and exciting day. I hope you are doing well this week and making sure to care for yourself, however that looks. Recently, there was an absolutely stunning pink full moon in Libra; this moon works to illuminate love and shows you where you can find balance in your relationships. For the first time since 1856 (!!!) there was also a fascinating conjunction between Jupiter and Pisces which has brought about stronger feelings of connection to the universe and perhaps urged you to see life a little differently as of late (but that, frankly, is just the tip of the iceberg — read about it some more if your interest is piqued)! Wherever you are at mentally and emotionally this time, know that there are some massive positive changes that the universe is preparing you for. See where you are now and recognize that you are on the right track. 

Your astrology friend,

Allison Drennan 


Aries: Keep track of your finances this week. It’s easy to spend, but spend mindfully.

Taurus: Stay out of drama if you can avoid it. People gravitate toward you because you are trustworthy, but stay mindful of where you give your energy. 

Gemini: How have you spent your time lately? Is there something you feel is lacking? Pay attention to this and pursue what you are yearning for. 

Cancer: Have patience with the process. There’s a lot you want to know the answers to and it can be hard to wait, but know that what you desire in your highest good desires you back.

Leo: You have felt energized lately. There’s a shift in personal and social spheres right now that makes you feel seen. If not, pay attention to who and what makes you feel less than. 

Virgo: Speak up. Your ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of expression and speech, so have faith that what you intend to communicate comes across. 

Libra: Let others around you know how special they are. How you treat others reflects back on yourself, so compliment people and express joy when you see them; these practices can only serve to benefit you. 

Scorpio: Do you need some alone time? How has your environment been lately? Hostile? Welcoming? Warm? Whatever it may be, you have the power to change it. 

Sagittarius: Gather yourself and get out of your head. Spend time out and about and try to connect with new people. You are a social creature, so be social, babes. 

Capricorn: As of late there has been a theme of forgiveness: forgiving others, forgiving yourself and moving on. Don’t hold on too much to the past — see how it shaped you and live in the moment. 

Aquarius: Name three things you have and are grateful for. They could be personal attributes or maybe a close friend. You, Aquarius, are a visionary, so it can be hard to remember to stay in the moment. 

Pisces: Even though we can sometimes feel sad that people don’t fully understand us, understand that what you have is so special. Have faith that you will find the people who fully understand you soon. It’s only a matter of time. Until then, appreciate yourself for who you are right now. <3

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