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Dear Reader,

It’s the Valentine’s Edition. This means that these horoscopes will be focused on love in any form. You can apply this to yourself, a significant other, a family member, etc. Expressing love is such a beautiful thing, and I think that a combination of being in the middle of the term with the brutally cold weather merits something warm like telling a friend how much you appreciate them, or cuddling up with a cup of tea or your favorite person ;). However you imagine yourself spending this time, make an effort to be present and enjoy the blessings around you.


Your romantic astrology friend,

Allison Drennan

Aries: Channel the nervous energy you might have been feeling lately into something that can calm you. Is this journaling, running, drawing? Speak your truth, Aries, and this week, you will?  come to feel like you’re living more authentically. 

Taurus: The comfortable thing  about this weather, I find, is the warm drinks and bundling up. Take yourself, or someone dear to you, out to explore. Perhaps this means going to a nearby coffee shop, or involves cooking a favorite meal. You are a master of relaxation and curating a comfortable atmosphere. Trust yourself. 

Gemini: Learning to live with the mistakes we make can be such a heavy burden; and with you and your expressive nature, Gemini, there is bound to be overthinking and potential people-pleasing. Take time to sit with yourself and call to mind all that you appreciate about yourself and what you can be proud of. Do not take this to mean that you should isolate yourself, but rather, carve out time for yourself and for socializing, because both give you the space to feel loved. 

Cancer: Sharing love and caring for those you love is what you’re so good at, Cancer. Remember during this time to give back to yourself. Reach out to a friend or crush to meet up and hang out!

Leo: You are bold and sentimental. There are more people around you with romantic feelings for you than you think. Continue being kind, express gratitude and trust that everything will work out. 

Virgo: People love how you are able to make sense of complicated situations. There’s likely someone who needs your helpful advice. Don’t overthink situations this week; you have a lot that needs to be said!

Libra: You’re a romantic! New prospects are likely to come forward. You’ve been trying to move forward from the past and this next week will help you continue along your path. Soak up this lovely time!

Scorpio: Perhaps it was caused by the weather, but you’ve been extra introspective lately, and this has helped and also somewhat hurt you. Take a break from your mind and try a new activity and invite someone you want to get to know better! They’ll like to connect with you and talk about existential things (lol, but forreal). 

Sagittarius: It’s been a long week, and what you need is to unwind and socialize. Getting out of your comfort zone may seem daunting at first, but you do love a challenge and new experiences and above all, knowledge! Make the first move—you’re a rock star. 

Capricorn: You exude a lot of stable energy and this is attracting someone who can truly appreciate your humor and intensity! Go, you. All you have to do is be open to receiving. 

Aquarius: You can struggle to commit or begin to search for flaws in a new person you find attractive. Don’t worry. You crave independence, yes, but also a partner who?  supports and loves you. Resist overthinking, and opportunities will suddenly appear everywhere you go.Pisces: You, my beloved Pisces, dream of wildly romantic and ethereal situations. You create such a loving atmosphere by just existing. Continue being yourself and don’t ever lose your sense of wonder. You have many admirers—some are much more compatible with you than others. You will find people soon, both platonic and romantic, who will fully appreciate who you are.

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