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Alli-strology: May 20

It’s me — your fellow astrology friend here to give you this week’s forecast. There’s been a lot happening lately in the sky with the gorgeous blood moon and mercury in retrograde. You could say this is a time that asks that you rest more because these changes and movements could leave you feeling really tired. Take time and prioritize sleep. On the ground, we have Sproncert and all of the excitement that comes with Spring Term, so definitely relish it, but note that memories and experiences can always be made, so push back against FOMO, because that extra sleep does make a diff!

mwah! xoxo,

Allison Drennan :*

Aries: Look around you. Are things not changing fast enough for your liking? What is making you feel impatient? Take a deep breath and change your surroundings to get your mind off things. The only constant is change! (*I actually do not know on a physics-level if this is true, but it made sense to me when I heard it. If u know physics, lmk if this is true…)

Taurus: New opportunities are presenting themselves to you and all you have to do is make yourself open to them. 

Gemini: Let go of this past week and all that it was. Perhaps something embarrassing happened or something that…you’d really rather forget. You are a magnet for conversation and can connect with all types of people. Let yourself fall into a flow of not knowing where the future will take you. 

Cancer: Have you been in a period of quiet lately? Hermit mode? Wherever you are and where you are pulled to is happening for a reason. It’s okay and necessary to lean into a slower life.

Leo: Set your intention for this upcoming week. It may be hard to predict how the week will turn out, but one thing you can work on is how you approach things. Are you going into situations with skepticism, fear, judgment? Assume things will all go in the best direction for you.

Virgo: Contemplation can (even though I know either-or fallacies are just fallacies I can’t help but use the) either lead to increased anxiety or a realization of some sort. Air out your concerns and let them be known to the appropriate parties — you deserve to be heard. 

Libra: Thoughts of the weekend and the future can hold a large amount of real estate in your mind. Work on relinquishing the thoughts about what is unknown and replace them with thoughts on where you are right now and what’s around you. 

Scorpio: Stay on the track you are on. You might be confused, maybe not. What advice have you gotten lately that has you questioning things? Listen to your intuition and stay observant.

Sagittarius: Insecurities can show us what the world needs more of. Hiding and feeling less than can be something that feeds misery and prevents us from connecting. You are adored, majorly. Practice seeing yourself in an all-encompassing positive light. Right now, you exist as you are in the most perfect way. Honor that.

Capricorn: Feelings could be ultra intense right now and maybe you are feeling especially drained. Perhaps a lot of people have expressed an interest in getting to know you better. People notice you, and sometimes you miss this because there is a natural tunnel vision that Capricorns have. Be open to surprises and things turning in your favor.

Aquarius: Allow yourself to be messy. There are too many moments in life that demand decorum and that you be quiet and amicable, but right now, lean into new things and let yourself be known. 

Pisces: Draw on this past week as it asked that you expect the unexpected. How beautiful is it that you have a strong pull to divinity? You, Pisces, have an especially strong intuition right now, so trust what you are feeling — it’s right. 

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