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Alli-strology: April 29


It’s Taurus season, and you know what that means! Oh, you don’t? That’s okay! That’s why I’m here. Taurus season brings comfort, revelations and self-discovery. This season will help with any stagnation you might be feeling, but it will also push you to go inward and reflect on who you are and what you need in order to feel loved and most relaxed. The lovely thing about Tauruses is that they are masters at curating and prioritizing their self care. Maybe you’ve been focusing more on building friendships or pursuing romantic connections. This next period of your life will be about balancing yourself and choosing yourself first.  


Allison Drennan 

Aries: You are a leader. Sometimes you can get impulsive and easily frustrated, but know that this comes from a passionate place. Lean on some trusted people this week. If you are overwhelmed, ask for help. I know it might be a challenge, but even leaders depend on others. 

Taurus: It is your season. You know who you are, and you know what you like. Celebrate yourself and let yourself be. You know best. 

Gemini: What is giving you energy right now? And similarly, what is depleting it right now? You have a lot to give and some sage advice, so trust that you know what you’re talking about. 

Cancer: You are so caring and compassionate but sometimes, what some people in our lives need the most is distance from us. It can be hard to end chapters, but think of it more as a transition or progression. Sometimes people come back to us differently than when we last saw them. You know what to do. 

Leo: Have your friends, acquaintances or family members stressed you out lately? What do you need to hear right now to feel validated? Spend time alone for a bit this weekend and you’ll discover that you’ve had the answer within you this whole time. 

Virgo: What is it you are afraid of right now? A conversation? A confession? Self-reflection? Put yourself out there and know that you are divinely guided, sweet Virgo. <3

Libra: Are you feeling overwhelmed or perhaps sad? Maybe both? Take some time to yourself to reconnect with yourself and spend time resting this midterm break. 

Scorpio: Let go of how others could perceive you by practicing mirror work; this means smiling at yourself, admiring what you see and telling yourself how wonderful you are. This goes beyond your appearance. You can validate the lovely things about yourself without the input of others. Have some patience. 

Sagittarius: You might be feeling guilty about something. Perhaps it’s clear why you are feeling this way, perhaps it isn’t. Don’t stress too hard; focus on what is in front of you now. 

Capricorn: Is there something you have been giving too much attention lately—so much so that other aspects of your life might have been put on the back burner? Don’t fret or be too hard on yourself. You’re exactly where you need to be. Take these past couple weeks as an important lesson and choose yourself. 

Aquarius: Keep track of what thoughts you validate and the ones you know aren’t true. It is easy to be hard on yourself, so have some compassion for yourself. 

Pisces: Stay patient, Pisces. There is something coming toward you right now. Expect the unexpected. 

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