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African and Caribbean Association (ACA)


The following is an interview between Aldo Polanco — Managing Editor — and the African and Caribbean Association’s executive board. 

Aldo: What is ACA’s mission?

Board: The African Caribbean Association (ACA) is a community that amplifies the cultural variety of our identities while raising awareness of the African and Caribbean diaspora.

A: What do you usually do on campus?

B: We cultivate community. ACA is a “Home Away From Home” for its members. ACA reinforces the notion that African and Caribbean students can be their authentic selves at a predominately white institution (PWI) like Carleton College and still thrive. This looks like potlucks, game nights, dance classes, networking events, internship/career navigation, culturally based self-care practices and many more!

A: What is ACA night?

B: ACA night is a time where we celebrate African and Caribbean students’ culture, increase awareness of the cultural diversity within African and Caribbean communities, elevate the generalizations by exposing the Carleton community to diverse cultural performances and raise consciousness of the presence of ACA on campus and other institutions. This occurs through dance, poetry, speeches, art, singing and more! 

A: Why should people come to ACA night?

B: Why should you not? Great food, great vibes and great people! In fact, maybe we are biased, but the best people on campus will be at ACA night. In all seriousness, ACA Night is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of all the facets of the African and Caribbean diaspora. ACA night gives the Carleton community an interactive glimpse of the power of a community that has continued to withstand the test of time. Not only does ACA Night come through with great food, but it also serves as an opportunity to learn and contribute to the value that the African and Caribbean Association adds to the Carleton Community. 

A: Awesome, what are the details of the event for those wanting to attend?

THEME: The Triumph of the Diaspora 

WHERE: Weitz Theater 

WHEN: Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.RSVP through the link in our Instagram bio.

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