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Alli-strology: May 6

Dear reader,

Another end of the week! Whatever happened this week, good, bad, great, horrid, you made it through! Pat yourself on the back! COVID cases are spiking and masks are officially back in full force, so stay safe friends. Idk about y’all, but this week has felt bizarre. It has required that I get more rest because the exhaustion is REAL. Rest up, friends, and know that you are doing the best you can. 


Allison Drennan 

Aries: Lately you have been honoring yourself and learning more about your needs. Take a step back and notice how far you have come. Take this as an opportunity to reflect on where you are right now.

Taurus: This week was full of memorable moments that had you feeling many different things. Perhaps a big development revealed something to you. What did you feel when that happened and why? 

Gemini: Let all that is happening around you flow naturally. Who reaches out to you? Who doesn’t? Who do you wish would? What do they offer that others do not? 

Cancer: Make concrete plans for action to get out of the rut you’ve been in lately. Sometimes you need rest, other times it’s best to move. Decide what it is you need right now and commit to it.

Leo: Lulls can sometimes make you anxious because there’s a fire within you that craves attention and excitement. Take this as an opportunity to rest up for whatever excitement the future holds. Rest now to have energy later.

Virgo: There could be a lot of confusing things and feelings happening right now. What is confusing about it exactly? Sometimes we are confused by things that turn out much differently than the story we developed of the person or situation in our mind. Think of the story you created in your head. What could this say about you and your judgment or assumptions? Don’t be too harsh on yourself— rather, take this as an opportunity to understand yourself better. 

Libra: Daydreaming and idealizing can be the primary escape for you. It can help you understand your situation, or it can take you away to a place much safer and without consequences. What is your ideal reality and how can you start implementing that into your current one?

Scorpio: There’s an anxiety around you lately that can lead to miscommunication and mixed signals. The right people will understand you, but remember that you are also responsible for communicating too. 

Sagittarius: Observe what’s happening around you, and who you are with when such things happen. Do negative things happen when you hang out with one specific person? Is there someone you can think of who makes you feel safe and comfortable, or on the other hand, uneasy and  less-than? Pay attention to these feelings and trust your instincts. 

Capricorn: You are a person who exudes quiet confidence and a strong sense of self. Believe it or not, this is how a lot of people view you. Currently, there have been thoughts swirling around your mind and interactions that have left you questioning your judgment. Take the person, situation — all the context out of these past events — and consider how you felt before, during and after. What was your body telling you? 

Aquarius: Love comes in many forms and for you, the most important one is the love and respect we give to ourselves. You are complex and growing into someone who sees the world through a unique perspective. Honor this and practice gratitude for yourself. 

Pisces: There is a desire to live in a space that doesn’t demand a grind-mentality. You operate best in a flow state. You are very in-tune with what you desire and need to succeed. Where can you find stability now? For you to feel safe to flow, there needs to be a grounded element in your life that keeps you stable. Perhaps this is a consistent sleep schedule. Lmk how it goes! <3

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