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It’s me, your favorite Sagittarius, and I’m back to help guide you through this upcoming week! If you’re new or unfamiliar with astrology, read the horoscopes based on your ascendant/ rising sign (it can be found online by inputting your birth time), and/or you can always read through each one and take what resonates. 🙂 This past weekend, I was presented with several of my friends’ birth charts and asked to interpret what I saw. I did start the conversation on astrology, but you could’ve guessed that. I had fun with what I saw; they were both very different, one with more fire (Sagittarius) and another with much more water (Cancer). They reflected challenges and skills, good things and not necessarily bad things. One thing to know about astrology is that nothing about it should be demonized, especially when it pertains to something that is connected to the essence of a person. It can be funny and silly to poke fun at generalizations about specific signs, but what makes Astrology special is its ability to provide insights into people that help us understand them and ourselves better. So, when a certain sign or aspect is present in your chart or someone else’s, know that it is but one element that contributes to the complicated, dynamic and developing existence of a person. That’s my philosophy! 


Allison Drennan

Aries: Take a deep breath and know you are on the right path, Aries. It may be hard to see what the future holds for you right now, but trust that you will reap the rewards you deserve. 

Taurus: How have you felt lately? Frustrated possibly? You are patient, but something about things lately has you feeling restless. Trust your gut and remember to take breaks to avoid burnout (no matter what you’re doing).

Gemini: Mercury in Retrograde is almost over, Gemini. There’s likely been a recurring challenge to find the right words and way to express yourself. Try journaling down how you’re feeling and give yourself grace. 

Cancer: A lurking suspicion that something around you will suddenly change has kept you on your toes. Remember to bring yourself back to the present moment—whatever changes or doesn’t is a concern for the future. 

Leo: Dimming your light and avoiding what brings you joy in order to make those around you comfortable isn’t the vibe. You are meant to shine, and the people who are meant for you will uplift you so you can shine even brighter. Do something this week that you’ve always wanted to do. 

Virgo: Create a space you feel comfortable in, Virgo. Perhaps you share a space like a dorm, but that space is imperative for your necessary quiet time and unwinding. Don’t fear confrontation; speak your truth. 

Libra: Time for a wellness check-in. How are you doing? You balance a lot and appear to do it effortlessly, but you and I know this requires a lot of your energy, so take time to set down all that you’re hauling and give yourself a much needed break. Call it beauty rest. 

Scorpio: For you, February brings in romance and chances to open yourself up. You have created and cultivated unique and beautiful relationships; use this time to nourish them so they can continue to grow. 

Sagittarius: Before you there are many different roads you can take, but there is some time before you are asked to make that decision. Tasks and other current obligations are on the front burner, so tend to those things first. 

Capricorn: Allow yourself to make mistakes, Capricorn. This period asks that you trust the process and embrace vulnerability. 

Aquarius: Share your ideas with people, and you will begin to form new connections this week. Do not take people’s judgments to heart. You are beautiful as you are. 

Pisces: There were successes and perhaps one significant struggle this past week, but you are here now and should be proud of all that you have accomplished. Headaches come and go but can feel never-ending when they happen. Take advantage of the support system you have when you’re feeling especially overwhelmed. 

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