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Which obscure list-serv are you?

Nam Anh Nguyen May 20, 2016

What is the powerhouse of the cell? a) Cheeseburger b) Mitochondria c) Its faith in Suhail Thandi ‘17 d) Mozz' sticks What body of water at Carleton would you want to bathe in? a) Lyman lakes b) The...

What spring term illness are you bound to get?

Nam Anh Nguyen May 6, 2016

1) What’s your favorite color? (a) Buffalo chicken (b) #069420 (it’s green) ** I promise it’s a real color but if this is not socially acceptable then put something like “the color of my luver’s...

Your horoscope for the week: what’s in store?

Nam Anh Nguyen April 29, 2016

Aries: Congrats, you’re not going to fail your midterms! The stars are totally aligned in your favor. Pack up your books from the Libe, you won’t need them. Instead, take a mini holiday on the Bald...

What Sayles food are you?

Nam Anh Nguyen April 22, 2016

Where do you spend most of your time? a) Sayles b) My room c) The arb d) The Weitz   Which of these clubs/activities are you most likely to join? a) Synchrony II b) The Carletonian c) CORAL d) KRLX   What’s...

“Oh! I Almost didn’t see you there!” (A guide to your daily walking interactions)

Nam Anh Nguyen February 26, 2016

You know that feeling when someone is walking by and you gotta decide how your interaction will go within seconds? Most people resort to looking at their phones, pretending to be engrossed in some meme...

Pickup Lines to Make Your Valentine’s Day Slightly More Awkward than Usual

Nam Anh Nguyen February 12, 2016

Hey girl, you study beautifully. Want to hit up the Libe with me sometime and make fleeting eye contact as we turn the pages of our gothic novels? Boy, you’ve warmed my heart, and my feelings for...

Is that a OneCard in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Nam Anh Nguyen January 30, 2016

Carleton is an inclusive environment that provides its students a host of resources. Most places are open to any student with a OneCard, but some privileged few can go into places that the rest of the...

“Minor” changes to academic offerings

Nam Anh Nguyen January 22, 2016

At a liberal arts college like Carleton, an interest in multiple fields is encouraged. Many of us are passionate about more than one major field of study, but the prospect of two comps discourages us...

Things You Really Didn’t Need to Bring To College

Nam Anh Nguyen November 13, 2015

A Printer Unless you live in a townhouse or that dorm with a lot of floors, chances are, you’re not that far from a campus printer. Stationery Be that kid that borrows pens from people in class and...

Truly Scary Halloween Ideas

Nam Anh Nguyen October 31, 2015

As fall comes, the corpses of dead leaves and the smell of pumpkin-spiced foods remind us that the time has come for things to get a little spooky out there. Of course, to give yourself a thrill, you...

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