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Which obscure list-serv are you?

<ir="ltr">What is the powerhouse of the cell?

a) Cheeseburger

b) Mitochondria

c) Its faith in Suhail Thandi ‘17

d) Mozz’ sticks

What body of water at Carleton would you want to bathe in?

a) Lyman lakes

b) The puddle of water in the soda machines

c) The non-existent pool at Pool House

d) The water tower

What attracts you to a person?

a) Their eyes

b) Their GPA

c) Their Sayles dollars

d) Their memes

What’s your favorite thing to do to procrastinate?

a) Netflix

b) Play pool

c) Complain

d) Nap

What’s your favorite album of 2016?

a) The Life of Pablo

b) Lemonade


d) Views

Which campus sign do you personally identify with?


b) This container is compostable!

c) To-go cups are for beverages ONLY. Cups are not to be used for removal of food. Thank you!

d) DO you have any plates, bowls, cups, utensils or trays in your dorm room? Please Return Items to the Dining Halls or Sayles Cafe

What’s your goal in life?

a) To be successful in my career

b) To be friends with Lyman

c) To not fail my classes this term

d) To pet as many puppies as I can

If you got mostly:

As: lookingforfreefood

You are, like most of us, a hungry and broke college student. You are there for everyone, exemplifying the spirit of “Carls help Carls.” What an angel. Good job, you!

Bs: Students-oncampus

There is not much to say about you, except that you are a student, and are on campus. You’re not even an obscure list-serv.

Cs: ghosts

You might be interested in the supernatural, or you might be a ghost. How spooky.

Ds: 1959chairs

On the contrary to what you might think, this list-serv is NOT a chair club, because 1959 chairs would be a lot. This is actually the list-serv to the Chairs of Class of ’59! If you got this answer, you are wise beyond the years, as the kids these days would say, you “got your shit together.” Other people look up to you for your wisdom, and they’re right to do so!

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