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Things You Really Didn’t Need to Bring To College

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A Printer

Unless you live in a townhouse or that dorm with a lot of floors, chances are, you’re not that far from a campus printer.


Be that kid that borrows pens from people in class and never gives them back. Now you have a treasure trove of free pens. (Maybe less friends but this article is not here to give you friendship advice.)

Healthy Snacks

Bet you won’t remember much about them when you’re munching on your 5th slice of Domino’s pizza at 2am during 10th week.

Your sports participation certificate from 7th grade

I know how much it means to you, but at this point, you should already know it in your heart that you’re always an MVP and let no piece of paper dictate how important you are.

Your hopes of getting a 4.0 GPA, a social life, and enough sleep

Shhhh it’s okay to let dreams be dreams. It’s about the journey.

Massaging devices

Ask someone to give you a massage. This is how friendships are formed. (I think. I wouldn’t know, I borrowed too many pens this term.)

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