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The Carletonian

What Sayles food are you?

<ir="ltr">Where do you spend most of your time?

a) Sayles

b) My room

c) The arb

d) The Weitz


Which of these clubs/activities are you most likely to join?

a) Synchrony II

b) The Carletonian




What’s your favorite animal?

a) Dog

b) Squirrel

c) Pterodactyl

d) Ladybug


What’s your favorite place in town?

a) Ragstock

b) St.Olaf

c) The Cow

d) Blue Monday


What’s your favorite Carleton Facebook group?

a) Overheard at Carleton

b) Free and for sale

c) Carleton College Class of 2020 (Student Official)

d) Carletunes


What major are you?

a) Business

b) Engineering

c) Journalism

d) Stress eating


Which Chris is your favorite?

a) Chris Pratt

b) Chris Evans

c) Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer

d) Chris Lee ‘19 


What’s your star sign?

a) Piscies

b) Sagittarius

c) Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer

d) Gemini


What’s your favorite Bon Appetit culturally appropriated food?

a) Tikka Masala

b) “Vietnamese Noodle Soup”

c) Asian-inspired Chicken

d) Anything Italian ever


What’s your favorite mode of transportation on campus?

a) Foot

b) Longboarding

c) The choo choo train that goes by at 4am everyday

d) My willpower


Mostly As: You’re chicken tenders! (Vegetarian alternative: French fries)

You’re tender and caring and there for everyone. You’re also the life of the party and (most) people love you. Congrats, you’re the Glenn Coco of Carleton.


Mostly Bs:  You’re a pretzel!

You’re obscure and underrated, and that’s why you’re kinda salty. But fear not, because you really are the fiscally smart decision for your dining dollars and that’s all that matters. I believe in you!


Mostly Cs: You’re buffalo chicken. You know who you are.


Mostly Ds: You’re mozzarella sticks!  

Do you feel like a Gatsby? Because you should – you are the true royalty of Carleton. Also we should be friends.

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