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Dawson’s divinations

Dawson Eriksen April 20, 2023

Hello, my wanderers, explorers and flâneurs, I have missed you so much. I was busy plotting the downfall of the French department (aka presenting my French comps) these past few weeks, but I am delighted...

Dawson’s divinations

Dawson Eriksen April 6, 2023

Hello, my little chickadees, and welcome to another frigid Spring Term here at Carleton. I hope the cold weather has not dashed your hopes for spring. Aries season is the perfect moment for this talk...

Dawson’s Divinations

Dawson Eriksen March 2, 2023

Our rickety boat that is Carleton’s campus continues down the calm streams of Pisces season. The stars have been beckoning us toward calm, but we may know that calm does not come. Perhaps it is possible...

Dawson’s Divinations

Dawson Eriksen February 23, 2023

Hello my dearest, I hope the return of winter weather is anointing this beautiful beginning of Pisces season. This is a season of relaxing tensions, , the production of goodwill and the embracing of simplicity....

Dawson’s Divinations

Dawson Eriksen February 16, 2023

The movements of the stars are starting to get into a swing. We will be entering Pisces season this week, so be sure to give all your friends fishy kisses. Pisces naturally crave love and adoration, so...

Dawson’s Divinations

Dawson Eriksen February 10, 2023

Hello my loves, how are you? I am excited to share with you some knowledge from the stars. We have an amazingly tranquil week with no planets in retrograde. You may already have felt a calm setting in,...

Dawson’s divination: A time for healing

Dawson Eriksen February 2, 2023

Hello again! As Midterm Break approaches and we look forward to some large milestones, let us take a moment to rest. Welcome to Dawson’s Divination. I hope you are hitting the second half of this term...

Divination 101: A Welcome

Dawson Eriksen January 26, 2023

Hello, my good friends, I am so happy to welcome you to this column. Here we will be taking a moment to meditate upon what’s to come while grounding ourselves in the present. Practices of divination...

Do you belong at Carleton?

Dawson Eriksen October 25, 2019

When first posed that question, “Do you belong here at Carleton?” it seems inevitable that we sink into a moment of reflection. Some people will begin to count how many friends they’ve made or how...

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