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Hello, my wanderers, explorers and flâneurs, I have missed you so much. I was busy plotting the downfall of the French department (aka presenting my French comps) these past few weeks, but I am delighted to be back with you. Spring has begun its delicate dance between summer and winter. Enriched, succulent and spurious, this season is about the decadent rebirth of the spirit. Rejoice, the warm weather will come.

Aries, you fiery minx. Life’s waters will calm this week, and it is the perfect time to plant seeds. Where for some signs, spring is vibrant and dynamic, for you this week, it represents the gentle cradle within which your future can be nurtured. Allow people to treat you gently, perhaps even a bit condescendingly, and accept that you deserve tenderness despite its contradiction to your nature.

Taurus. The movement of Mars produces feelings that clash and combine before they bubble to the surface of your being. Despite your admirable groundedness, you will feel assaulted by emotions unknown and protean this week as paradoxical feelings mix just beneath the waves of your psyche. You will feel taxed by this emotional turmoil, but you are a rich, loyal and soothing Earth sign and have what it takes to weather any storm. Know that you are not alone, and know that you are adored for the things you think you lack.

Gemini and Mars do not typically mix well despite the resonance between their dualistic natures. Mars’s movement within your chart indicates abruptness, disruption and a stopping motion. Look for things that may be coming to an end and know that all is forgiven.

Delicate Cancer, you should look to your elders this week as Mars opens your paths for communication. While Mars is demanding, much like an elder sibling, it also provides you with important insights and advice. Be a sponge for knowledge. Learn while you can.

Leo. The week has finally come to turn in your comps. No, you are not getting another extension.

Scorpio should have an eye to the past. Recently incurred costs may be catching up to you.

Sagittarius, the sun and moon are saying it is time to get laid again.

Libras are alluring and enchanting this week. The moon’s influence is at its highest, and you will begin to manifest a magnanimity throughout the week. With this will come genuine allies and phonies, but your prodigious ability for discernment makes you ready for this challenge. Do not give into paranoia, because you have a gift more capable of reaching judgments that guards your precious heart even when it lies open.

Aquarius. Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate. Mercury is propelling you into the future with haste. Decisions, challenges, revelries and all the rest will come your way. Do not fear. Have trust in this benign current which hastens you to your next destination. Lean into your introspective qualities, and perhaps you might learn from the chaos.

Pisces. I divine money in your future. COLD. HARD. CASH. The good stuff. My Venmo is @howitbe2 by the way.

Capricorn. The charged energy of this week is bound to cause trouble for somebody, but not necessarily you. Retrograde Mercury is a trickster and can muddle your logic. Someone from your past will arrive to disrupt or receive these sensuous energies. Try to remember WHY this person is here now and not earlier. It might be helpful to consider their return as a test from the universe.

Virgos are again wrapped in their little mystique. The sun leaves their eighth house and brings them out of a state deeply concerned with the physical. Aloof and insightful, Virgos should consider prioritizing the time they have to themselves. Thought is not the only activity that can be mystic or psychic, and Virgos should not be afraid to see their routine as magic.

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