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Dawson’s Divinations

Our rickety boat that is Carleton’s campus continues down the calm streams of Pisces season. The stars have been beckoning us toward calm, but we may know that calm does not come. Perhaps it is possible that the turbulence we feel is more a result of our vehicle than our path. I must say that Pisces season is hard to write about here at Carleton, as I find myself rolling my eyes as my fingers type out words like “calm” or “rest.” While I remain hopeful that these sensations and states are possible, I cannot help but feel an intense irony within the claim that Pisces season can bring a calm to a place like Carleton. Are the stars wrong? Am I a faulty diviner? These questions are worthy questions, and if you find yourself asking them, I have an answer which is a question in and of its own: Is there something wrong with Carleton? And, if you had the choice, would you rather find a fault in the stars or a fault among our own ordering of life?

Enough of the heavy stuff. Let’s begin this week’s reading:

Aries looks to the moon this week. Usually, you are not so bound to this astral body, but, because of its interfacing with Gemini, you have an intensified realm of communication. Words may feel within your reach, but outside of your control. You may want to permit yourself to spiral into words when perhaps it may be better to write them down first. Find new mediums that give you more control.

Taurus, words are cascading towards you. A resplendent and fervent flow is bringing new opportunities to your life without disrupting it. Like tossing a fish into a stream, new ideas will be flawlessly integrated into your current path. Take advantage of an opportunistic period of calming creativity. New ideas are not always exciting and excitement is often overrated.

Gemini, planning is the best way to make use of your time this week. Your paths are not yet cleared, but Pisces does offer ways to find the clarity you seek. Look for the road of least resistance and watch out for mixed metaphors. You wouldn’t want to sound too much like this column, after all.

Calming Cancer, you are uniquely poised right now to deepen bonds of affection. The depth inspired by Pisces season and the stability it can bring to water signs is worthy of mention here. Pay attention to conversation where you see your interlocutors diving into themselves and dare to take the plunge. The interior of the self can be lonely, and you are known for making friends out of enemies.

Leo. You will have strange dreams and troubling visions. Sleep with one eye open.

Virgo, virginal winds are blowing your way. There are new things on the horizon that may appear to be romance but are actually valuable lessons masked by a disguise. The newness that many signs are witnessing is different for you. It is complicated, mystic, cryptic and citational. Double check your word choice and find what is hidden between the lines.

Libra may be a bit prickly today. The sign of balance can sometimes be unnerved in times of tranquility since balance is easier restored than maintained. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you and stop being defensive. Vulnerability and asking for help are needed this week as you experience levels of cerebrality unwitnessed prior. Tell someone you love them a little past noon to tip the scales of the sun in your favor.

Scorpio needs organization help. Turn on an episode of Marie Kondo and get to work. 

Sagittarius is on the prowl. Sex is the word this week. I know I have a tendency to be pithy when horoscopes are so clear, but this time I really mean it. Now is the time to get laid, honey, I don’t make the rules (Go get em’ tiger!).

Capricorns who channel their feminine energy will see success as they dance across from the sumptuous Venus. Masculine Capricorns will feel stunted this week and will need to get used to their feminine side. Toxic masculinity will be exposed as incompatible with the tenderness Capricorns need to face their challenges this week. Let feminine energy come to you, whatever your definition of the feminine may be.

Aquarius, your emotional wellbeing needs tending right now. Take deep breaths. Write down three thoughts. Draw a picture of your last dream. Build yourself a toolkit of imagining to decipher your emotions. What is cryptic will make sense in time.

Pisces. You are obsessed with money right now, and why shouldn’t you be?! It is your season, after all. You are known for being methodical and thorough, if a bit anal at times. Don’t let your desire for cash get in the way of relationships that may otherwise be tranquil, but trust those who you know to be honest. Deception may use honesty as its mask, so, this week, be sure to pay attention to inconsistencies in your finances.

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