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Dawson’s Divinations

Hello my dearest, I hope the return of winter weather is anointing this beautiful beginning of Pisces season. This is a season of relaxing tensions, , the production of goodwill and the embracing of simplicity. The grand complexity of life at Carleton will not slow down, but perhaps a current can be discovered within your mind and you can feel a bit more steady.

Aries, movement will bring new mysteries. There is  turbulence coming, but it is not necessarily negative, as rocking the boat can release some barnacles. You are already a sign that adores movement, and you will feel as if things are falling into place. You are also, however, a sign that can fall into complacency. Be aware of your movement. Pay attention to the energy you expend.

Taurus, reach out for the impossible. The darkness that begins to wane pushes you to be more ambitious. You are so dependable and kind, so gentle and observant. It is time to take what you have learned and apply it. Leave theory behind: this week must be a week of action. You are a quiet sign, and, because actions speak louder than words, you can be timid. Be brave. Raise your hand. Take the mic.

Gemini, your life is often torn into pieces. It is your nature, and you hardly need me to tell you that. Your planet Mars makes a busy trip around your chart this week, indicating that you must be prepared for a lot of energy, but not necessarily challenges. You may find yourself in tension with the vibe of Pisces season, wanting to go fast when life is just beginning to slow down. The choice is up to you: Will you give in and bottle up this energy, orr will you find new challenges to take on?

Cancer. We’ve spoken at length about how your heart has been so active this year. Pisces season should come like a strong arm around your shoulders, reassuring you that the intensity of your heart is never for nothing. As your heart begins to calm, put effort towards opening your mind. Open-mindedness guides you to the farthest reaches of the world through studying, spirituality or travel. Big, perception-shaping questions can come up at this moment of renewal. Some questions cannot be answered, and they are called mysteries or wonders. 

Little, itty-bitty Leo! You look so cute this week! Is it the new shirt from Shein? You have a magnetic nature this week, but that may lead some to call you superficial. Try to back up this newfound energy with genuine care. Grasp at your emotions and leave your mask at home. Enjoy the spotlight, but don’t let it go to your head. Eat something orange.

Virgos may be the villains this week. You are lacking motivation. Look inward, and don’t blame your problems on others.

Libra! Libra! Libra! Take a pause and sing a song! Come and play with me all day long! Forever lost within the populous and starved LDC throng, I hope that you will be willing to play a game of ping-pong. Levity, grace, rhymes that rhyme with dime! The world is your oyster as long as you can learn the secret rhyme of your heart.

Scorpio. Write down the first thought you have in the morning and the last you have at night. Place them in a jar and leave it in the snow. Next week, these messages may serve to guide you better than the stars. Superstition is your weapon this week. Stick with it.

Sagittarius, now is a time for rest. You have been aching for the fruits that the Pisces season brings. It is time to hibernate, my dear. Go into your happy place and take a break; the world will still be here when you are ready.

Capricorn, the planet of love, Venus, is solidly within your fourth house for the start of this week. She is an adoring yet jealous planet that does not like to be ignored. Take hold of this calming season — and call your parents. 

Aquarius is coming off a high. Wasn’t last weekend great? I bet it was fun, but your wallet sure didn’t think so. The stars are trying to call your attention to financial concerns. Perhaps it is time to send out a few Venmo requests….

Pisces! Little fishies! It is your time to shine, and, since Pisces season is a season of rest, you should feel the most prepared out of all the signs to take a step back. Reward yourself for all the challenges you have been through and enjoy the profits of your work. This is a season of power, but there is power in rest, too.

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