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Dawson’s divination: A time for healing

Hello again! As Midterm Break approaches and we look forward to some large milestones, let us take a moment to rest. Welcome to Dawson’s Divination. I hope you are hitting the second half of this term in a good mindset. Many seniors are submitting first and final drafts of their Comps soon, and to those of you out there, I wish you luck! 

Today we will be harking back to our predecessor column, Allistrology and taking a look at the stars. The Zodiac is one of the most popular forms of divination and is again, a troublingly common choice of tattoo or necklace (I have a tattoo of the Cancer sign on my hip…. but when you turn it sideways it’s a… well…) . Fashionable, but deeply comforting, the Zodiac can provide both an assurance of our identity and a glimpse into what creative energies will be at our disposal in the day to come. I hope this brings peace to you all, and I wish you the best of weeks.

My angelic Aries, your support network cries out to you right now. The passage of the moon through Cancer is deepening the way you feel towards your bonds. Is it your dearest companion that you are aching to see? An amicable ex that you long for uncomfortably? Your interpersonal universe is swelling with energy, but does it feel more like a beating heart, or a bubble that is about to burst?

It is time to make some things clear. My strong Taurus, Aquarius is dancing with Chiron and the cosmos may feel overwhelming. Luna’s flirtation with cancer indicates a need for pushing back. The walls feel like they may be closing in, but set boundaries for yourself and others. Be clear with who you are, what you want and where you need to be. Focus on being on time this week and make your presence known in whatever way feels right. Things may seem delicate, like you are at a tipping point, but trust your gut and dig your feet into the sand. You are enough.

Oh, Gemini, you’re a troublesome lot, but the intensities of your oscillation between oneself and the other can make magic. Your relationship to Cancer is strong and complex. She acts almost as an admonishing older sister to you, but the power she emanates gives you gratitudePeople have been misunderstanding you, but perhaps you can find the strength this week to be thankful for what you have. Chiron, a healing astroid for water signs, is in play this week. Take this opportunity to mend, say thanks and begin again.

Cancer, honey, you are touch starved. The healing astroid of Chiron amplifies your natural gifts of healing, loving and sensuality. Luna is also moving through you, firing your water-sign nature with the power of the tides. The parts of you that make you an amazing friend and lover are shining right now, but the deep desire for connection feels inflamed. Be confident. You have the power to fulfill these needs, you only need to find the creativity to make it happen.

Leos are feeling a depth this week which is not usual for them. The healing nature of the asteroid Chiron and the movements of the moon through Cancer are somewhat antithetical to Leo’s courage and tenacity. You are given a moment of self-compassion and gentleness. Go easy on yourself, get into your own head for just a little bit and rummage around. Find something useful.

Vivacious Virgo, the stars and their movement are pointing towards something big for you. They tell an auspicious, but mysterious tale. Pay attention to your finances; in other parts of your life be content with the things that seem too vague. Find pleasure in mystery.

Libra. You are entering a phase of great power. With the combination of the healing asteroid, Chiron and the Cancer moon, you are able to create balance in ways that are amplified by your natural gifts of discernment. Tell the truth when you feel you need to today, as you have the knowledge to know what needs to be said.

Seductive Scorpio, it is time to put your magnanimity to use. The other signs are watching you, waiting for you to take the lead. You are most powerful when the moon dances, and this Cancer moon may put you in a philosophical and particularly generous mood. Latch onto verbs, and use adjectives like lavish, sumptuous and dreamy.

Soothing Sagittarius, you are feeling a deep calling from your creative core. What ideas have you been having? How has your approach to intimacy changed? The movements of the moon and the intrusion of the asteroid Chiron are posing questions open to your creative ideas. Who will you be this week? What’s on your mind? Keep a journal on you this week. You may find that your hand develops stories on its own.

Capricorn. You will get things done this week, whether you like it or not. Try to get out of the line. Find where the grass might peak through the snow. Dig a little deeper and you may find something beautiful.

Auric Aquarius, you need to speak this week. The Cancer moon is enlightening you to possibilities within your social life. Love and sex will feel different this week, and the ordinary will all of a sudden appear foreign. Trust yourself. All is as it should be. Let compassion be your guide.

Pisces, you are feeling a need for privacy right now. Either due to a lack of clarity or appreciation, you feel the need to attend to your interior self. Eat something sweet and don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards. Self care doesn’t always need to be fun. Get away from the fast life, and discover that contentment sometimes needs to come before enjoyment.

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