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Dawson’s Divinations

The movements of the stars are starting to get into a swing. We will be entering Pisces season this week, so be sure to give all your friends fishy kisses. Pisces naturally crave love and adoration, so be keen to notice your desires these next few weeks.

Aries! It is so good to see you! You are feeling extra friendly this week. The sun balances itself in Aquarius, which makes you lively and even more lovable than you already are. Watch your temps, though, for the good of us all. Your increased magnanimity is great for overwhelming your friends with affection, but you run the risk of excluding those who may be helpful in your life. Be kind. Be open. Nobody likes a bully.

Tremendous Taurus, the social sphere is becoming more vibrant with each passing day. The sun migrates through Pisces later this week, marking the crescendo of your interpersonal life for the month. Do you feel like something is coming? Is there a quickening in your heart? Let it flourish, blossom and scream if it needs to. Let your crazy out.

Geminis will probably get caught using ChatGPT this week. The Aquarius Sun brings a rush of brilliance your way and governs philosophy and higher thinking. Don’t be a stranger, but don’t forget to play by the rules. You are a sign used to transgressing boundaries, and that makes some of the more stable signs in your life, specifically earth signs, uncomfortable. Be cautious and tender with those you love and you will realize that the security you produce for yourself helps others, as well.

My dear Cancer, my sweet little crab. You have had a hard start to the year, with many things out of reach. Unlike the other signs, your Aquarius is highly reactive, like your sensitive core. You will feel yourself running out of compassion as grievances pile up. The moon will be your guide this week. However, as we begin the sacred Pisces season, your abilities will be heightened. You may start this week frustrated and forgotten, but you will end it stronger than you have been in a long time. Hold on to something soft. Tell someone you need them to be gentler.

Leos will find themselves in another period of calm this week. Your sector of the sky is relatively stable, but not empty. The sun tickles your Aquarius, indicating a brightness and warmth from the interior of your being. You are a fiery and loud sign, one that can sometimes make your gentler companions uncomfortable. On the flip side, your courage and strength make you a bastion for the more delicate beings in your life. Pay particular attention to the water signs in your life and see how you can learn from their flow. Focus on transmitting your fire into warmth.

Virgo, missy, come here. Fix your hair and stop wearing that outfit. You know which one. Virgos need to be focused on new beginnings right now and need to let go of the past. There is something big that you are avoiding. Don’t let that stone in your stomach drag you down. You need to embrace rebirth. Do not resist change, become it.

Libra, you have been going through an intense period of power in these starting weeks of the year. You must feel tired. Periods of power are also periods of confrontation, and this week, relations will begin to warm. Have you been standing your ground? If so, take heart, as you have done something wonderful. Have you felt your feet slipping out from beneath you? Breathe. The words will come.

Sagittarius is being animated by the moon right now. Dualities, dichotomies, binaries. You must watch out for the Geminis in your life, and pay attention to the times which compel you to slip into manichean thinking. See nuance, but do not become slave to it. Just because a situation is complicated, does not mean that your answer always has to be gray. While gray areas compel you to balance black and white, perhaps it may be time to balance the gray in your life.

Capricorn. Take a deep breath with me. Pluto skirts your sphere this week and an interesting and specific power is entering your imagination. Challenges will come from within this week. You will be asked to slow down when all you want to do is go fast. Learn to let go of the body while holding on to the mind. Your imagination does not need to be manifest within the world to be beautiful.

Aquarius! The heavens orbit around YOU this week. Rejoice, as the other signs look toward you to lead the way. Trust your nature and pay key attention to your moon sign. Let your true messages flow, as Mercury facilitates your communication with astral efficiency. Your words are as true as you are.

Pisces. My good friend, your season is about to begin! Rejoice in that and know that life changes are coming your way. When a sign enters their own season, it is a period of power and rebirth. Power comes with responsibility, however, and rebirth with a reasonable amount of dissonance. Now is the time for boldness and durability. The world can make you weary, but if any sign knows how to go with the flow, it is you.

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