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Superheroes Confused by Parents’ Weekend Mask Mandate

Ben More October 29, 2021

For most Carls, Family Weekend was a time of reconnection. The campus was alive with the bustle of students frantically concealing their new lives amidst the lukewarmth of familial love. But, thanks to...

Here we go again: Carleton to require vaccination against Porch Plague

Ben More October 25, 2021

Researchers had been operating under the assumption that sleep deprivation, stress, and Bon Appetit eggs posed the most significant threat to the Carleton community's health. Recently, however, a young...

Carleton cryptids: The quarantined quarters

Ben More October 5, 2021

What’s up, pal-a-normals? It’s your “boo,” Paranormal Investigator in-Residence Sue Dounim. I’m your one-stop shop for what makes all the others drop: The spooky specters squirming around this...

A response to The Carl magazine

Ben More May 16, 2021

It was fourth week, and we at the Bald Spot paid our respects by publishing a "Fourth Week Bracket." The ostensibly fun-loving folks over at The Carl magazine, however, did not get the joke. As it is...

Zoom 2 planned to release next pandemic

Zoom 2 planned to release next pandemic

Ben More April 18, 2021

Nothing is sacred anymore. On Thursday, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. CEO Eric Yuan addressed a group of shareholders at what was ironically an in-person meeting. The Bald Spot has not been informed...

Top 10 Numbers

Ben More April 18, 2021

We may divide numbers, but they unite us all. While some of us may occasionally find it difficult to appreciate those delectable digits, there's not much point in resisting: They outnumber us at roughly...

Our newest editor

Ben More April 11, 2021

I’m Ben More, class of twenty-four. I came all the way from the Chicago suburbs to study humanities without all the humans.  I couldn’t be more excited to be serving as a new editor of the...

Mainstream media: the unsung MAGA crusaders

Ben More February 6, 2021

In March 2016, a media executive put in a phone call to Michael Cohen, attorney to then-Republican primary candidate Donald Trump. The media executive remarks that he is “fond” of Trump, whom he calls...

Here’s why Trump is good now and you should like him

Ben More January 31, 2021

We will begin this week’s article with a recap of last week’s events, when the Bald Spot uncovered what may be one of the greatest political developments since a few days ago.   Former President...

Why did Trump skip Biden’s inauguration? Social distancing.

Ben More January 23, 2021

Last Wednesday, millions of Americans watched as Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. defied the prophecies of QAnon himself on the national stage and became Current President Joseph R. Biden Jr....

Stimulus searchlight: what’s in our COVID-19 stimulus bill?

Ben More January 16, 2021

Hey there! How well do YOU know your COVID-19 stimulus bill? Let’s test your knowledge with a game of  Stimulus Searchlight! Below are ten provisions of H.R. 133, the Consolidated Appropriations...

Carleton nationally recognized for commitment to first-generation students

Ben More January 16, 2021

Last December, the Center for First-Generation Student Success named Carleton a First-Gen Forward institution, a distinction it now shares with 156 other colleges and universities in the nation.  The...

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