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Top 10 Numbers

We may divide numbers, but they unite us all. While some of us may occasionally find it difficult to appreciate those delectable digits, there’s not much point in resisting: They outnumber us at roughly infinity to one. But have you ever wondered which is the most illustrious integer? Rev up your calculators and grab some scratch paper, because today we’re solving for X as we count down the top ten greatest numbers of all time.

10. 10

9. 1

8. 7

7. 4

6. 8

5. 9

4. 6

3. 5

2. 3

1. 2

And, pencils down! You heard it here first—our big winner is 2! A word of advice to math majors: Sprinkle some extra 2s into your COMPS and you’ll be a shoe-in for MIT next year. For those of you who prefer a more… social lifestyle, that cutie “pi” you’ve got your “i” on will be sure to text back, so long as your phone number has some more of those titillating twos.

Has today’s list gone far enough? We’ve only looked at the fundamentals so far, but we could always go further. If you’d like to have us back in class for the top 100 numbers of all time, reach out to us and make your voice heard! Strength in “numbers,” as they say.

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