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I’m Ben More, class of twenty-four. I came all the way from the Chicago suburbs to study humanities without all the humans. 

I couldn’t be more excited to be serving as a new editor of the Bald Spot! I’m really not sure why they had me write about it in the Carletonian, though. The truth is, I’ve been passionate about small fields since I first discovered that my childhood home had a backyard. I especially like small rectangular fields. When you’re looking to take a short walk with some meaty right angles, there’s nothing better. 

That being said, as a Bald Spot editor, I do plan to edit the Bald Spot. I plan to disrupt the small-rectangular-field market in meaningful ways. My first edit will be to put in a McDonald’s, which will double as the mythical Third Dining Hall. There will, however, be no new benches. For my second edit, I will pay respect to Carleton’s longstanding beekeeping tradition by constructing several new beehives buzzing with our favorite sharpened insects.

I’ve just been informed that “Bald Spot” refers to the section of the Carletonian rather than the location. That’s also fine. I’m looking forward to my time here—but mark my words, Real Bald Spot, I will realize my vision someday. In the meantime, hit me up at [email protected] for ideas, submissions, feedback, or just conversation!

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