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Northfield Climate Strike

Carleton students joined members from the Northfield community, as well as students from St. Olaf and Northfield Public Schools, in the Northfield Climate Strike at Bridge Square. Hundreds of students and activists gathered to listen to speakers from St. Olaf, Northfield High School, and representatives from local activist groups. The…

Opening Convocation

Opening Convocation was held in Skinner Memorial Chapel on the afternoon of Monday, September 16. The ceremony included a welcome address by President Stephen Poskanzer, a recognition of the Dean’s List, and an address by Washington Post political correspondent James Hohman.

Students review Northfield’s newest coffee shop

Big joy at Little Joy by Jack Coyne Northfield isn’t, and has never been, a static place. During my four years at Carleton, this sleepy college town has seen a number of significant changes, altering the fabric of the community in both big and small ways. From Econo’s metamorphosis into…

Student Involvement Fair

Over 150 student organizations tabled at Friday’s Student Involvement Fair, held on The Bald Spot. The fair encouraged new and returning students alike to get involved in a variety of clubs, sports, volunteer programs, student publications, comedy groups, and various other activities.

Holi Celebration

Holi festivities were held on the lawn between Cowling and Watson on Sunday, May 26. Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, is observed in March. Student organization MOSAIC (Mosaic Of South Asian Interests at Carleton) traditionally waits for springtime weather at Carleton to celebrate the festival with bright colored powder.

Student band “Cold Rice Party” plays farewell concert in Great Hall for friends and fans

Close to 50 students gathered in the Great Hall, also known as Cold Rice Party’s “home court,” on May 22 to watch the band perform one last time. From performing at an OIIL Senior Banquet, the International Festival, and the Lunar New Year Event, to their final concert, Cold Rice…

Students express frustration over Disability Services office shortcomings

The Carleton Disability Services Office (DS) has received mixed reviews from students, who say that although the office has helped them to some extent at obtaining accommodations, the process can be hampered by DS disorganization and lack of support. “My experiences with Disability Services have been pretty mixed throughout my…