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CarlDems and SARC protest Minneapolis Trump rally

Last Thursday, 18 Carleton students journeyed north in an organized venture to join protesters on the streets of downtown Minneapolis in defiance of a reelection campaign rally held by President Trump at Target Center. The outing was a collaboration between CarlDems and Student Advocates for Reproductive Choice (SARC), organized by…

‘One-stop shop’ for creativity at Carleton: The Class of ’69 Makerspace is open for business

Have a hole in a favorite shirt and no sewing kit to repair it? A sculpture idea you’d love to make but don’t have the materials for? A household appliance that would work so much better if you could tweak it just a little? A project you want to build…

Drag Show

On Friday, September 27 three professional drag performers, Anita Rivera, Allota Shots (pictured), and Sunny Kiriyama, performed at the Cave.