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Voces8 is a 2023 Grammy-nominated a capella octet from England.

Voces8 at Carleton: A unique opportunity for choir students

Cecilia Samadani, Features Editor October 13, 2023

On Oct. 29, Carleton College will be host to a cappella group Voces8. Originally from Britain, the group have been nominated for a Grammy and are known on YouTube for their music videos.   Choir...

The poster for Professors Raylors lecture.

The Homeric translations of Thomas Hobbes

Natalie Cai, Columnist October 13, 2023

On Sep. 28,  Professor Timothy Raylor, Stephen R. Lewis, Jr. Professor of English and the Liberal Arts, hosted a lecture that intertwined the names of Ancient Greek poet Homer and English philosopher...

My transmasc experience at Carleton: Is a fresh start always a good thing?

Isaac Kofsky, Beat Writer October 13, 2023

When I sat down with my guidance counselor in the spring of my junior year of high school, he asked me what kind of environment I wanted in a college. “Something that isn’t like here,” I responded....

Carleton athletics this week

Kate Hirsche, Staff Writer October 13, 2023

Football   The Knights are undefeated, 5-0, this season.  They pulled off blowout victories over Minnesota-Morris and Pomona-Pitzer to open the fall and had two exciting final-play wins over Concordia...

The relevance of KRLX

Natalie Cai, Columnist October 13, 2023

It’s 3 a.m., that odd space between night and morning. Rosy-fingered dawn has yet to grace me with her presence. The alarm goes off, and I must rise and make my trek across campus to Sayles. The air...

One of the bathrooms in Musser.

Rating Carleton Bathrooms

Natalie Cai, Staff Writer October 13, 2023

Bathrooms. The perfect place to cry, hide from the world and clear out your most recent meal. As someone who’s seen a lot of them in various conditions, I consider myself somewhat of a bathroom connoisseur....

Ella Johnson 24 and Billy Bratton 25 are running this years spoon game

A Killer Game: sitting down with the heads of Spoon Assassins

Zoe Roettger, Features Columnist October 13, 2023

From Monday, Oct. 10 until the end of Fall Term, over 100 Carleton students are partaking in the game “Spoon Assassins,” in which players are assigned a target to hunt down and kill with a spoon. ...

“Porco Rosso” Goes Ham: An Optimistic Reading of a Favorite Film

Collin Preves, Columnist October 13, 2023

Out of animator and director Hayao Miyazaki’s many beloved films,, “Porco Rosso” manages to soar above the rest for me. It’s a comforting movie; every time I turn it on, Porco, that hard-to-like...

Signs protesting the addition of a north-side bike lane and damage to nearby trees on Wall Street Road.

Northfield bike lanes cause debate among residents

Mallory Atack, Beat Writer October 13, 2023

For weeks, a number of Northfield residents have been outraged by their city officials when a plan for the town revealed that there would be new protective bike lanes installed on a number of Northfield...

A student reads the late night LDC menu.

LDC debuts new late-night hours

Tripp Tokioka, News Editor October 13, 2023

This term, to compensate for the temporary closure of Sayles Café, Carleton has extended the hours of the Language and Dining Center (LDC) to include a late-night, short-order menu. The food served is...

Crying over spilled soda, some thoughts on Marrakech

Caroline Zhou, Columnist October 13, 2023

I cried over a bottle of soda today. Not just any soda, but a bubbly, tropical soda called Hawai. If you don’t know what that is, you’re in the majority. Only made in Morocco, Hawai was my go-to hanout...

Gerontocracy runs rampant at Carleton College

Malcolm Parnall, Contributing Writer October 13, 2023

If you are a student at Carleton, you will likely have noticed what many other students have also realized: your professors are older than you. This is a widespread problem that creates a sense of paternalism,...

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