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Crossword: guess the theme!

The Bald Spot presents: a crossword with a mystery theme that will help you once you figure it out we promise but you still might have to use Google because apparently this is harder than we thought oops.


3. term for animal with irregular patches of color

7. performers are in this

8. bawdy, lewd

9. nonsense

13. childhood disease also known as varicella

14. hairless cat

17. better than Pandora


1. Shakespeare play, “Out, damned spot!”

2. Peru’s national dog (2 words)

4. tyrannical ruler

5. Norse god killed by mistletoe

6. unifier of Italy

10. 101 doggos

11. late-night food order

12. when eduroam goes down

15. USS Enterprise captain

16. red beetle

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