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Dining hall menu screens: a bold display of wasted resources

Students entering the dining halls are confronted by the most ostentatious display of misdirected spending this campus has ever seen: the dining hall menu screens. This year, Carleton has added high definition T.V. monitors at the entrances of cafeterias to announce culinary options at every meal. However, this recent and unnecessary change has left many students feeling, frankly, cheated. One sophomore lamented after seeing the screens: “I feel like I was slapped in the face by a wad of money, specifically $6,954 dollars.”

Students already felt like they were selling their souls to corporate America with every OneCard swipe. The arrival of new screens, however, has added another layer of bitterness and resentment. The dining hall milk remains chunky, the lettuce covered in bugs, and the chicken harder than final exams, but thank God we have televisions to inform us that squash is in season.

You may think paying an exorbitant cost per meal would equate to better food quality, but you are sorely mistaken. Our dining services are obviously pouring their money and resources into more important endeavors than student appetites. The screens, besides being a bold display of waste, are giving students false hope. The entrees listed on the screens sound edible, dare I say delicious. But then you put the food in your mouth, and that’s where things go downhill quickly.

One student remarked, “I paid $11 dollars to eat food and be let down. I didn’t intend to pay money to read about food on a high quality screen and be even more disappointed.”

Students upset by the hegemonic screens are comforting themselves by eating soft pretzels at Sayles, which are highly processed and consistently yummy.

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