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Q&A with Carleton Women’s Soccer First-Years

<ll, Carleton Women’s Soccer (CWS) welcomed six first-year students to the program. They all come from different parts of the United States and have varied academic and extracurricular interests. Here is a brief Q&A with the newest members of CWS.

1. Why did you decide to come to Carleton?

     “First and foremost, the renowned academics and teaching staff at Carleton. The kind students and beautiful campus also played a big role in my decision,” said Kaela Mali.

     “Academically Carleton seemed to be a good fit for me and I could play soccer if I came here. Also it’s close to home so my family can come to a lot of the games,” said Libby Franchot.

     “I loved the campus and the people. Everyone here seemed so interesting, genuine, and fun. Also, soccer,” said Lily Danna.

     “I wanted to go to a small liberal arts school and I really enjoyed my visit,” said Ellery Rourke.

     “I decided to come to Carleton because I did an overnight with CWS and I loved the environment on campus and all of the people I met. I also knew I wanted to be relatively close to home and I wanted to be able to play soccer in college, so Carleton was perfect,” said Myranda Sloo.

     “I decided to come to Carleton because I knew it was a great school and I really value the opportunities to study at a very academic school yet still be able to play soccer. Also, the fact that it is close to home but not in the cities is ideal,” said Anna Roethler.

2. What was your favorite memory about your first season with CWS?

     “Getting pizza with the team at Red Barn after practice one day was a highlight so far. Also, beating Hamline on their field by scoring on Hamline in the last three minutes giving us our first MIAC victory of the season,” said Kaela Mali.

     “I have two: our game against UW Eau Claire-winning our first game of the season and starting off overall on a really strong note. And the other is the preseason skits we did” said Libby Franchot. “My favorite thing about CWS is how close we all are as a team. Everyone talks to everyone and it’s such a supportive and fun team to be a part of,” said Lily Danna.

     “My favorite thing about CWS is how inclusive and supportive everyone is. The atmosphere on our team is unlike any other team I’ve been on and I’m so glad to be a part of such an amazing group of people,” said Myranda Sloo. “Probably when we beat Hamline in a 1-0 victory and starting off our season as 4-0, it showed how strong the team really is and we all really came together to get those wins,” said Anna Roethler.

3. What are your academic/extracurricular interests?

     “Academically, I am more inclined toward math and science. Some of my other interests include lifting weights, competitive eating, backcountry hiking trips, and pretty much every outdoor activity,” said Kaela Mali.

     “Academically, I would say math and science. Outside of the classroom, soccer, but I also want to get involved with some of the tutoring programs with the Northfield schools,” said Libby Franchot.

     “I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures a lot. Also, besides soccer I like being active and doing things outside,” said Lily Danna.

     “I really enjoy studying anything in the humanities. I also like biking, hiking, reading, and talking to people who have good things to say. I joined CANOE and the Food Recovery Network,” said Ellery Rourke.

     “My academic interests include Spanish, biology, and environmental studies. My extracurricular interests include soccer, outdoorsy stuff like hiking, biking, and backpacking, things that help the environment, and cooking/baking,” said Myranda Sloo.

     “Obviously soccer, also I play club lacrosse at Carleton and that is a blast. I love animals and volunteered at the Animal Humane Society in the cities and hope to continue volunteering in a way that involves animals. I also really enjoyed being a part of an environmental group at my high school so I hope to get involved with that as well at Carleton. Academically I am really interested in biology and I am looking into pre-vet,” said Anna Roethler.

 4. What is your go-to dining hall dinner?

     “The Asian Station at LDC is always one of the first places I look. A good chicken curry or stir-fry with brown rice never disappoints,” said Kaela Mali. “Pasta 100% of the time,” said Libby Franchot. “Toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” said Lily Danna.

     “Chocolate milk. The rest is negligible,” said Ellery Rourke.

     “My go-to dining hall dinner is a salad and whatever random things sound good to me at that particular time! And cereal is hands down my go-to dessert,” said Myranda Sloo. “Probably chicken, pasta, and a salad,” said Anna Roethler.

5. Favorite place to do homework on campus?

     “3rd libe. I’m pretty sure I have spent more time there than I have in my dorm,” said Kaela Mali.

     “Third libe is the go to spot,” said Libby Franchot. “Either 3rd libe or Sayles,” said Lily Danna.

     “Blue Monday is my second home,” said Ellery Rourke.

     “Currently the freshmen have consistently taken over a couple tables on 3rd libe so I think that would have to be my favorite place to do homework on campus. Otherwise I really like doing homework outside at a picnic table on the Bald Spot if the weather is nice,” said Myranda Sloo.

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