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Staying in shape as a non-Varsity athlete

<igor of Carleton classes, it can be difficult for students to find time to exercise. A volunteer sample survey, administered through Facebook on Sunday, October 29, asked five questions about exercise habits. The survey received 100 responses. To the question “On a scale of 1-5, how easy is it for you to find time to exercise?,” the average rating was 2.9. Additionally, 76% of respondents reporting exercising three or more days a weeks.

According to the Mayo Clinic, it is recommended that the average adult get in at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week in addition to strength training at least twice a week. Besides the Rec Center, between intramural and club sports, group fitness classes, PE classes, and more, Carleton offers a variety of opportunities for non-Varsity athletes to stay in shape.

According to the survey, popular ways non-Varsity athletes like to stay in shape are through running and weight training. The Arb is a great place for those who enjoy a more scenic run. The fieldhouse track at the Rec is a great option for those who dread treadmills but do not want to run in colder temperatures. If you walk into the Rec, you do not have to look hard to see people taking advantage of one of the benefits to working out individually: the opportunity to catch up on a show on Netflix. Personally, I also like to add variety to my individual workouts by using them as a time to discover new music.

Self-directed group forms of exercise are another way some non-Varsity athletes stay in shape. “I play squash weekly with my floormates. It’s a time where I can take a break from school work and just do something for myself,” said Claudia Hernandez ’21. Two people can play on a court at a time, so squash is also a great opportunity to hang out with a friend or get to know a new friend. There are three squash/racquetball courts at the Rec. While court reservations can be made by calling the Rec, if a court is open, you are welcome to use it without a prior reservation.

If you prefer to exercise in the fresh air, CANOE offers an array of outdoor adventure trips every weekend including hikes, canoeing, climbing, backpacking, and camping. All trips are free to students. Additionally, CANOE offers free gear loans to students, so for students with access to private methods of transportation, it is possible to organize your own outdoor adventure without having to buy the necessary gear.

 For people like me who want add even more variety to their workout routine, Cowling Pool is another great option. Jumping into the pool and swimming after a workout is a nice way to escape and distract yourself from the Minnesota weather, while also getting in additional cardio.

According to the survey, many students would like to see Carleton offer a wider variety of classes and would like to see more morning and evening classes offered, such as kickboxing, lifting and Barre. Additionally, some students would like to see the Rec open 24 hours a day to make staying in shape more accessible to students with busy schedules.

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