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What is an Ole anyway?

<ir="ltr" id="docs-internal-guid-8de69274-3098-5f03-d969-c467ec28831a">One of the best things about being a dual-sport athlete is playing St. Olaf not once, but three times during the year. They are the games I look forward to the most. I love the small town rivalry atmosphere; the crowd is always big and the cheering is always hilarious. But what I love most is the friendly competition. It is always a hard-fought game and the talent on both sides is fairly equal. There are never any harsh feelings—just a desire to beat the Oles because really, what is an Ole anyway?

As I went around asking athletes why they loved playing St. Olaf so much, one of my favorite responses was from senior football player Ethan Trujillo ’17. He joked, “It’s usually a game to determine who rules the town.” Volleyball player and discus thrower Trish Hare ’17 added that it is always fun to beat St. Olaf because it shows how well-rounded Carleton students are. Not only are we smart, but we are also good at sports. Volleyball player Lucy Stevens ’18 added that playing St. Olaf always reigns in a huge crowd for games, which makes playing them even more exciting.

One of the biggest traditions that Carleton and St. Olaf athletics is the turning of the eagle on Division Street after the football teams play each other. If Carleton wins, the eagle is turned towards our campus and if St. Olaf wins, the eagle faces theirs.  According to legend, the rivalry between St. Olaf and Carleton football was once filled with crazy antics, such as this tradition, from both sides. The night before the big game, both teams usually held bonfires; freshmen would keep watch to make sure the other side would not catch them intruding.  However, if either side was caught, the results could be detrimental. In the 1961 issue of the Carletonian, a picture of five trespassing Oles were pictured whose heads were shaved.  Together they spelled “CARLS.”

Playing St. Olaf is always a fun and exciting game no matter the outcome. Last week the women’s volleyball team played their senior night against St. Olaf. It was a great way to cap off the season as the crowd cheered as the last ball was served and Carleton won the game. The gym was buzzing with positive energy and friendly chants were thrown back and forth between the student sections.

St. Olaf will forever be a favorite game of mine. Who doesn’t like to sing “My name is Yon Yonson, I come from Wisconsin…”

Well, you know the rest.

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