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Assassins: Yes, it should be a sport

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Assassins is a game unlike any other. Played on campus during select weekends throughout the term, it is a game of skill, athletic ability, teamwork, and careful strategy. Participants can be identified during Assassin rounds as those carrying Nerf guns under a trench coat, having a swordfight behind the Libe, or running after each other at high speeds at three in the morning.

There are many different types of Assassin games, or “rounds” as they’re known by players. In Classic rounds, players are given one target – someone else who is playing – and they have to find and “kill” that person within 48 hours. In Dorm Wars rounds, players are put on teams depending on where they live. Humans versus Zombies rounds revolve around objectives for players to complete.

Regardless of what the round’s objectives are, the general goal is to be the last person alive – not having been “killed” with a Nerf gun, sword, stuffed animal, alarm clock, or tabasco sauce.

When playing Assassins, athletic abilities and teamwork are instrumental in determining success. Players are not permitted to “kill” each other in highly populated areas, so the first step in a successful kill is often a high speed foot chase. This is often the most exciting and publicly visible part of Assassins.

Once the target is cornered, players have their hand-eye coordination put to the test as they use their weapon of choice. Shooting Nerf guns, throwing stuffed animals, or lunging with a foam sword are the most common ways to “kill” a target.

There is a lot of strategy involved in Assassins rounds as well. You have to find your target wherever they may be hiding – in their room, in class, in the shower, on the Bald Spot, or up in the cities. You also have to find new ways to commute between your classes so that you don’t get hit yourself. Skilled players also use their friends who aren’t playing – “civilians”, as they’re known – to spread misinformation of their whereabouts, or to spy on their targets.

Last week, there was a Humans versus Zombies round to coincide with Halloween. The zombies claimed victory (33-1) after completing a mission on Saturday night, which involved walking from Hill of Three Oaks to the Weitz Center (and having many swordfights along the way). There will be smaller rounds in the Chapel during reading days to alleviate finals-related stress, and then full Assassin rounds will continue once winter term starts.

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