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Editorial: Tips for winter survival

<y goodbye to your sandals and hello to your snowshoes. We thought global warming had finally kicked in. But it seems like Minnesota winter has taken the upper hand. So here are some tips for surviving another winter term in Northfield.

1. Do not sign up for swim fit. Unless you like the sound cracking hair-sicles.

2. Plan more time between classes; waddling stiffly over thick expanses of ice takes more time and energy than you might expect.

3. While you’re spending all the extra time inside, listen to KRLX. They have a great new logo!

4. Walk on water. But wait a few weeks until the lakes are totally frozen.

5. Fellas: Grow your facial hair. Ladies: Grow your facial hair

6. Don’t wear white shirts because 1. It’s nosebleed season, and 2. No one will find you if you get lost in the snowy wilderness.

7. Snowshoe or cross-country ski in the Arb. It beats running on ice.

8. Do not lick your lips outside, and always carry a chapstick.

9. Sleeping bag wars. Grab some friends, grab some sleeping bags, hop in those sleeping bags and wrestle.

10. Make a funny viral youtube video. With all your extra time inside, who’s to say won’t be next “Year of the Beard” or “Daft Hands”? We could certainly use another viral youtube video to brighten our lives.

Embrace the cold. Eight more weeks. (But, one more until the novelty wears off).

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