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Men’s cross-country in high spirits after 5k time trials

<r intensity of the primal scream shook the mighty pines in the lower arboretum and sent crows flying from their nests. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Michael Tolan ‘14 roared, guffawing with guttural laughter, “I beat Marcus!” The reports are indeed true that Michael “Brolan” Tolan outleaned Marcus “Wrong-Turn” Huderle at the line to seal a victory in the Fellah’s 5-kilometer time trial last Friday.

Tolan, star of radio show Klassics on KRLX, didn’t seem to care that Huderle, also ‘14, had run an extra half mile, just who finished first. Experts guessed that Huderle took the erroneous turn Friday afternoon either because he was not familiar with the course or because he feared the surging speed of Matt Harrison ‘13.

Harrison, of Mound Westonka fame, kicked his tightly toned calves into high gear with 2-kilometers left in the race to finish second overall. “I went flying by Thor (or Noah) Laack-Veeder ‘15 and then I passed Noah (or Thor), it was crazy!” gasped Harrison, mere moments after the contest concluded.

Senior Kian Flynn, who ran the beginning of the course with Harrison, muttered in disbelief, “one minute I was right next to him, then he was gone. It was like ‘Now I see Matt, now I don’t.” Matthew Fitzgerald, CSA Representative Class of ‘14, continued the trend of solid performances by Matthews with an eighth place finish, in the middle of a freshmen sandwich. He barely nudged out Bill Grimm ‘15 and followed close behind Connor Jackson ‘15.

Jackson and Fitzgerald were sporting suave white cotton cut-off t-shirts emblazoned with the number three as they stood in a circle with their teammates before the gun went off. “One…two… three!” came the cheer from team three as they broke the huddle to join the Masquerading Magical Mystery Mooses and another team on the starting line.
Bobby Davis captained the Mooses to a second consecutive victory in the time trial, while captain Kian and the other team had the height (their starting line up featured Phil Juda ‘13), but not the legs and came in second.

Team three, of course, took third. Although divided, the Fellahs ran strong in an exciting preview for tomorrow’s MIAC Conference Championships. Look for Ben Levy’s handsome hamstrings as the Fellahs face all their MIAC foes in the penultimate race of the season.

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