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Come to Carleton. Why you should say YES!

<u may have noticed by the confused looking slightly younger people wandering around campus today its Accepted Students Weekend! Yup, the first of two weekends when the next generation of Carls descend on our campus to find out for themselves whether or not they want to dedicate the next four years of their lives to the lovely often cold confines of Northfield, MN. It’s a difficult decision because, let’s face it, you’re 18-years-old and probably kind of an intense person. (Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there.)

Admissions and the many other departments on campus do a wonderful job of telling you all the honest truth about Carleton and why you should choose to enroll. But we opinionated editors of the Carletonian want to give accepted students our reasons for why you should come here. We’re peacing out in 2 months (but who’s counting) and are wise beyond our years. So here are our 8 really good reasons why an accepted student (you) should choose Carleton.

Ho-Bros: what we actually mean is Hogan Brothers, the delicious hoagie shop downtown. Aside from giving you a free hoagie on your birthday, they have amazing ice cream. The chili is bomb and studies show that 93% of Carls have their first legal drink sitting in one of those wooden booths.

Our fearless leader: Steven Poskanzer our President is awesome. Ponder this: have any of the President’s of the other colleges you’ve been accepted to posed in a towel shaving with an iconic symbol their college? We doubt it.

Townhouses: you won’t live here until you’re a senior, but it’s worth it.

Aggro Crag: everyone talks about Mai Fete, or Hill of Three Oaks, but Aggro Crag is this little camp fire ring and mini-ampitheater tucked into the woods on the shore of Lyman Lake. It’s a great place to hang out on a nice fall or spring night.

Bell Field: this is the most beautiful place on campus. Freshman year did a physics lab where we sledded down the hill to the field. (Cool, Kinsey.)

Spring Concert: not only a celebration of trendy music, this is the sign that winter is over and it feels so good.

Convo: we hear convo is good. However, we’ve never actually been since we have to distribute the Carletonian. Seriously, though, Carleton brings in some pretty phenomenal speakers.
Professors: so cliché, we know, but honestly, professors here will change your life. They might make you feel like an idiot for the first few weeks of freshman year, but by the time they’re done with you, you’ll be a thousand times smarter and you’ll owe it to them.

The editorial represents the views of The Carletonian editors.

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