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SWArticle: Winter Skin Care

<r those experiencing the harsh effects on winter on their skin, below are a few tips. If you are not experiencing any dry winter skin, stick to the regimen that is working for you.

Winter skin issues are caused by the low-humidity conditions of our environment. The air outside is cold and dry, but we are offered no respite indoors where heaters sap all the moisture out of the air. Jumping in a hot bath or shower seems especially inviting during these cold months, but bathing too frequently removes the natural oils from your body, adding to skin problems.

Bathing Tips:

1. When you bathe, close the bathroom door to contain the humidity generated from your shower. Stay in the humid room until you have completely finished the remaining steps listed here.

2. Take shorter showers or shower less often, and use warm (not hot) water.

3. Use only mild soaps and limit it to the areas that need it (e.g. armpits).

4. When you are finished showering, pat your skin dry (don’t rub); patting helps your skin to retain moisture and doesn’t irritate your skin.

5. Apply moisturizer immediately, preferably within three minutes to lock moisture in your skin.

6. THEN you can leave the humid bathroom.

For more information about the effect of winter on your body, see the current Fact of the Week (available in SWA stalls across campus), or visit with your local SWA or TWC staff.

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