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Weekly IM Update

<rdcore soccer, the same three teams have maintained dominance. Billy Walsh's Chemistry Club performed well again, beating Matt Pieh Soccer 6-2. In a heated match, Billy Walsh’s Chemistry Club lost to Supernova. The Local Ballers had a busy week playing the two powerhouses, Supernova and FJL. Both games were close with Local Ballers and Supernova tying 5-5, but then the Ballers lost to FJL 4-3. Supernova remains undefeated though has posted two ties, first against FJL and then this week against the Local Ballers. In softcore soccer the tempo is still paced by Colin's Mom and IM Legend who will definitely meet one another as they head for the playoffs during 9th week.

In IM basketball, it has been another exciting week. Division I is still dominated by the senior squad, Washed Up, posting another blowout score over the freshmen team, ManBearPig. The rest of the division is settling as well as we see Dunk Tape and KnightStuds69! move up and MOC Select and Back Dat Pass Up move down in the rankings. Division II is also seeing some emerging trends. Michael Hunt Memorial Squad continues their undefeated streak while Boller’s Ballers continues to follow at close second. Mighty Morphing Flower Arrangers, Slab Dunk, and Dribble Yo have posted some impressive performances as well. There are still a couple weeks left before playoffs. Anything could happen.

And finally, after a week of 40 degree weather where Carleton saw the bald spot turn into one big swimming pool, Mother Nature decided to get real again. The pool has reformed into basically one big ice rink (you can even skate OUTSIDE the boards!), and broomball play has restarted. Regular season games end on Thursday, and that means that playoffs – one of the most exciting times of the year – are right around the corner. Defending Champions, The Stones (formerly The JuTones), look ready to defend their title, while any other hardcore team has shown that they have what it takes to dethrone the champs. Dreams of glory are racing through the heads of all broomballers, softcore and hardcore alike; this is when heroes are made, frostbite is had, and we all forget how hard winter can be sometimes.

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