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The wasted year and its consequences

Will Brewster March 2, 2023

Last week, in the midst of the colossal blizzard that uprooted millions of daily routines, I found myself in my bedroom, curtains closed, hunched over a cup of coffee on my desk and anxiously waiting...

Education and ChatGPT

Will Brewster January 19, 2023

I had never really wanted to write about ChatGPT — or consider it for that matter — when I came across the novel algorithm in December. Nonetheless, I submitted a request for the algorithm to write...

The way we see the internet

Will Brewster January 13, 2023

The evolution of media as portrayed by many flows along an accelerating timeline with flashpoints featuring the camera, the telegraph, the radio, the television, etc. The evolution follows a particular...

Boomers, Zoomers and consumers

Will Brewster October 27, 2022

I had a teacher in high school who loved to demonstrate that history has a tendency of repeating itself. He reveled in the fact that he could harken back to a forgotten Roman poet’s decrying of the...

When will BeReal become an advertising machine?

Will Brewster October 20, 2022

BeReal, if you have not come across it, is a social media platform that has ravaged American college campuses this past year and has naturally infiltrated the general public. Originating as a French social...

Yik Yak: Follow the herd

Will Brewster September 22, 2022

Have you ever had one of those brilliant shower thoughts that you felt compelled to tell all within a two-mileradius? Maybe you’ve wished to uncover the identity of the cute man sitting across from...

The never-ceasing phantom of the Music and Drama Center

Will Brewster November 5, 2021

There is no more appropriate way to describe the architecture at Carleton College other than "eclectic." Apart from the red-brick theme that dominates the two quadrangles —the Bald Spot and the mini...

Breaking up Facebook: Through the divide

Will Brewster October 25, 2021

Within the past several, eventful years, large-scale technological conglomerates, collectively known as the now-menacing “big tech,” have received rampant public criticism following years of nearly...

Generation Z: a generation of security

Will Brewster October 13, 2021

It is never a pleasant experience to come across less funds in your checking account than you’d hope. It is even less enjoyable to find that several charged purchases are not of your doing – a situation...

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