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Viewpoint: An impostor no longer

Viewpoint: An impostor no longer

Ross Matican June 6, 2020

I didn’t love my time at Carleton, but I love Carleton. Let me explain.  It took a while for me to get my bearings at Carleton, and an even longer time for me to accept that there’s no need...

Class of 2024 sees higher acceptance rate, larger proportion of early decision admits

Ross Matican April 10, 2020

Carleton accepted 20.1 percent of applicants in this year’s admissions cycle, up from last year’s record-low 19.2 percent. Admissions accepted 1,384 students from a pool of 6,893 applicants to the...

COVID-19 sees business impact throughout the college

Ross Matican April 10, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has made business anything but usual at Carleton.  Offices throughout the college are reshuffling their priorities as a nearly empty campus and volatile stock market pose new...

Faculty members express logistical concerns, heightened workload in the move to remote teaching

Faculty members express logistical concerns, heightened workload in the move to remote teaching

Ross Matican March 20, 2020

In a YouTube video to incoming students of Psychology 220: Sensation and Perception, Assistant Professor of Psychology Julia Strand said, “this class is definitely going to be different than it would...

Carleton sends cohort of 40 to Canada Goose Arctic Program

Ross Matican January 17, 2020

This winter, the college sent 40 students and one professor to study geese in the Canadian Arctic through the Canada Goose Arctic Program. While most students go abroad to escape the tundra-like conditions...

College financial statements reveal healthy position

Ross Matican January 16, 2020

Colleges need cash, and fortunately, Carleton has enough.  Carleton’s 2019 financial statements indicate that the college is confident it will generate $127 million in sources of liquidity, which...

Economics department seeks to hire two macro professors

Ross Matican October 25, 2019

It’s not easy to get tenure at Carleton, and it’s also not easy to recruit macroeconomists to the college. After a failed search last spring, the Economics department is looking to hire two tenure-track...

Photo from Google Maps, taken by Michael Livingston, October 2018.

Students disrespect Muslim prayer space, apologize amid community backlash

Ross Matican May 31, 2019

During Spring Concert on Saturday, May 25, two non-Muslim students were found engaging in sexual activity in the Muslim Prayer Room of the Chapel while Muslim students waited to enter the room for Ramadan...

Class of 2023 currently over-enrolled, more diverse than anticipated

Ross Matican May 18, 2019

After Wednesday, May 1, National College Decision Day, 545 of the 1,401 students admitted to Carleton decided to join the class of 2023, marking a 38.9 percent yield. According to Vice President and Dean...

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