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Carleton sends cohort of 40 to Canada Goose Arctic Program

This winter, the college sent 40 students and one professor to study geese in the Canadian Arctic through the Canada Goose Arctic Program. While most students go abroad to escape the tundra-like conditions of Northfield, these brave souls are running full-speed to Earth’s freezer.

“We’re really thrilled about this exciting new initiative,” said an OCS director.

“Gould would be proud,” said an esteemed college administrator.

The first iteration of the program stands out for its geographic diversity, with 89 percent of students hailing from the greater New York, Boston, Washington, San Francisco, and Los Angeles areas, and 11 percent from Evanston, Illinois.

Despite the College’s ongoing diversity efforts, the program is predominantly white. College officials declined to comment on diversity recruitment strategies pertinent to the program launch.

Record-high interests in this year’s trip have students excitedly wearing their expedition gear all around campus.

The group is set to depart from campus in the coming days; rumor has circulated that complimentary AirPods will be provided to all participants.

“It really is a great deal if you think about it” a student passionately explained.

The Student Financial Services Office noted that not a single member of the expedition had requested financial aid. “Wait what’s the CSS Profile again?” asked a junior trip lead.

Flocks of participants have been seen trudging through the Arboretum in preparation for the harsh conditions.

In light of these coats’ newfound ubiquity, the geese of Lyman Lakes have made a run for it.

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