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The importance of satire as a form of journalism

Becky Reinhold October 13, 2022

I will admit, I started reading The Onion’s amicus brief out of amusement, because I generally like the Onion. I saw the headline about it, saw that a court is hearing a case regarding freedom of speech...

1a classes and 1/2c classes: a comparison

Becky Reinhold October 6, 2022

I am not a morning person. Ask any of my friends and they will confirm: I am usually late to breakfast (typically by 2-3 minutes, but still), I have perfected the art of making it to breakfast before...

On reading the emails of clubs you’ll probably never go to: advice, stories and why you shouldn’t follow my example

Becky Reinhold October 6, 2022

It’s been three weeks since the club fair, and for first-years and any other students who are not skilled in the art of walking past tables at the club fair without signing up for an email list (myself...

Polarization, Trump-ism and an unlikely Democratic candidate: A conversation with Jeff Ettinger

Becky Reinhold August 2, 2022
Jeff Ettinger is, in his own words, “not necessarily the dream candidate for the typical Democratic activist.” He is, however, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate for the 1st Congressional District of Minnesota.

Re: COVID-19 core team raises campus alert level to medium again

Becky Reinhold May 12, 2022

Carleton’s current COVID-19 response scares me. Student attitudes toward it scare me more.  Last week, a news article was published in the Carletonian describing the current COVID-19 situation...

Etiquette for jacket-wearing on campus

Becky Reinhold April 28, 2022

The following is everything I have to say about people who stopped wearing coats because “it’s spring” when it absolutely, most certainly, is not. First, just why??  But on a more serious...

Frisbee season

Becky Reinhold April 15, 2022

The sun is out (kind of—I’ve been told that my standards for warm weather have changed since coming to college in Minnesota) and thus the frisbees have returned. Now, this isn’t exactly to say that...

States cannot prevent mass shootings without federal gun control

Becky Reinhold April 15, 2022

On the morning of April 12, a man got on a subway in New York City with a gun, a hatchet, fireworks, ammunition, gasoline and smoke bombs. He detonated the smoke bombs and shot ten people. In total, he...

SHAC Introduces New Treatment Options

Becky Reinhold April 8, 2022

As students return to campus, so do the mysterious colds and viruses that generally accompany them. This term, after facing criticism for their typically lackluster response to sick students, SHAC has...

Solutions to the Slush Situation: Stop Slipping on Streets

Becky Reinhold March 11, 2022

As campus gets warmer and students get happier, a new problem has arisen to replace the ice: slush. When walking across campus, one cannot help but notice the slippery wet goo that is now the snow on...

Pandemics don’t end along with mask mandates

Becky Reinhold March 11, 2022

I was going to write an article about my thoughts on Carleton removing the mask mandate. The main idea was going to be that I personally wouldn’t be wearing my mask any less, but that I understand why...

Jewish Students of Carleton

Jewish Students of Carleton

Becky Reinhold March 4, 2022

The Jewish Students of Carleton (JSC) aims to create a cultural, religious and social community for Jewish students through regular Shabbat and holiday services as well as other social events. Shabbat...

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