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    Students for Justice in Palestine full comment

    First and foremost, we want to unequivocally state that we neither have nor ever will condone anti-Semitism. It has been profoundly disheartening to witness students misquoting our SJP fireside chat and their insistence that a “thin line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism” exists, perpetuating a dangerous conflation that poses a significant threat to the Palestinian cause.


    Drawing inspiration from those who have come before us and stand alongside us, it is essential to recognize that Zionism and Judaism are distinct concepts. This distinction is evident in the beliefs of Torah Jews, the scholarship of Israeli academics like Ilan Pappé, and the voices of Holocaust survivors such as Gabor Maté. Prominent organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace, which actively denounce Israeli actions against Palestinians, identify as anti-Zionist.


    We are not presenting any novel ideas; it is clear that a substantial majority of Jewish individuals worldwide assert that anti-Zionism does not equate to anti-Semitism. Addressing these student concerns about the removal of ‘Zionist’ with ‘Jew,’ it is important to clarify that we did not use the term ‘Jew’ because our reference was NOT to Jewish people. Employing ‘Jew’ in this context would not only be anti-Semitic but also factually inaccurate. We wish to emphasize that this is not a theological conflict; it is a struggle for the liberation of Palestinians, including Palestinian Jews, from the Israeli Occupation.


    We acknowledge the apprehensions of Jewish students at Carleton and extend our apologies for any feelings of being targeted. To the broader Carleton Community and all who encounter this statement, we urge you to join us in advocating for Palestinian liberation while unequivocally opposing anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in both word and deed. 


    In the words of the twice deleted comment, made by class of 2022, former JSC board member, Josh Isaac’s on the JSC’s Statement on Instagram: 


    “hi, Jew here, it’s only antisemitic to justify Hamas’s actions if the impetus for their violence were Judaism, which it isn’t. Nor is calling for the destruction of the “state” of Israel–it’d be kind of depressing if that were the same thing as Judaism.

    Sorry to hear you feel unsafe; I can only imagine how Gazans feel. Take care y’all, mourning with you for the lives lost, and hoping things will change such that Palestine no longer has to fight.”

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