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Future Philosophy Comps Titles: An Exposé

N. Malte Collins March 8, 2022

The Carleton Philosophy Department has announced next term’s senior comps presentations, and let me tell you—it’s exciting. Here’s a full listing of the paper titles, just to get some hype going:  “Baby...

Five books I read recently (from my bookstagram)

N. Malte Collins February 20, 2021

The New Analog by Damon Krukowski read this. it was cool. a love letter to analog music… pretty rudimentary stuff but definitely worth reading if you a have at least an admiration for the LP or cassette...

Non-required reading: Carleton faculty share their all-time favorite books

N. Malte Collins February 13, 2021

Daniel Groll, Associate Professor of Philosophy One of my very favorite books is “There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom” by Louis Sachar. Sachar is more famous for “Sideways Stories from...

Valentine’s Day crossword

N. Malte Collins February 13, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a fun and romantic crossword to get you in the lovin’ mood for the Big Day. Love, The Bald Spot Eds Across 1. Le epic Communism >___< 3. French...

The five types of people you’ll date at Carleton

N. Malte Collins February 13, 2021

Georges: Tweed jacket with those arm patches—you know the guy. He’s always sitting on those chairs at the front of Fourth Libe where we put the Carletonians that nobody takes. I think he’s a...

Holland Votaw crossword

N. Malte Collins February 6, 2021

Across: 2. Holland's favorite material 4. Holland's favorite type of tree 6. Name of Holland's second dog 9. Holland's best NYT Daily Mini Crossword time from the past two weeks 12....

COVID, historicity, and self-mythologization: the importance of valorizing our historical moment

N. Malte Collins January 30, 2021

An underappreciated factor in the historicity of COVID, I believe, is smell. It seems that the collective retrospective has remained fixated on the Event of lost events: what did not get done and which,...

Top five places for football players to party this term (and get away with it)

N. Malte Collins January 16, 2021

I think we can all agree: Carleton sports teams have built a strong reputation for themselves this academic year. So good news! Along with not having to worry about ever getting a bad rap, Carleton football...

My medical leave of absence: a tale of bureaucracy at Carleton

N. Malte Collins November 14, 2020

Like most things at Carleton, my decision to take a medical leave of absence—and its aftermath—was fraught with difficulty. It’s not so much that the decision itself was tough to make; in fact,...

Bald Spot announcement: Jack Brown is concussed

N. Malte Collins November 14, 2020

Jack Brown What a clown He got concussed He lost our trust He’s now a Libertarian. Bald Spot Brain rot If not before Then surely henceforth. Then it’s official, now: We’re having a cow The Bald...

But still, he is doing it: an exegetical look at the Garfield comix

N. Malte Collins October 2, 2020

The Garfield comics reek of a dogmatic ideology. They formulate and endorse a brand of lazy cynicism that not only encourages readers to accept the status quo, but also frames the concept of going against...

Books in quarantine

N. Malte Collins May 23, 2020

They’re like pacifiers. Though it’s more involved than that; bad comparison. Something distracting and thought-provoking enough to avoid ennui,insulated enough to quell anxiety, and hopefully original...

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