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Valentine’s Day crossword

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a fun and romantic crossword to get you in the lovin’ mood for the Big Day.


The Bald Spot Eds


1. Le epic Communism >___<

3. French poststructuralist thinker known for his writings on biopolitics, prisons and sexuality

4. Heir of Brentano’s phenomenological method, ___

5. Born 1596 in La Haye en Touraine, died 1650 in Stockholm, famous for cogito argument

11. German continental philosopher, died in 2002 at age 102, intellectual heir of Heidegger, wrote lots on hermeneutics in Truth and Method

13. German philosopher and existentialist influenced by Schopenhauer, died in 1900 at age 55, often misread

16. Father of deconstruction, born in Algeria in 1930, died in Paris 2004

17. American neopragmatist and socialist philosopher, known for 1994’s Race Matters, friend of Rorty

19. Literary critic, philosopher, avid book-collector, died young at age 48 fleeing Nazi Germany, famous for his Illuminations

20. American philosopher originally from Cleveland, notable for theory(ies) of gender performativity, often butts heads with Žižek and Laclau


2. Wrote 1762’s The Social Contract, leading figure of French Enlightenment

6. Founder of postcolonial studies, born in Palestine in 1935, author of Orientalism

7. French phenomenological existentialist, and the first to self-identify as such; blurry partnership with De Beauvoir

8. Seventeenth century Dutch philosopher of Portuguese Sephardi origin, Leibniz interlocutor, known for his Ethics

9. Scottish empiricist, affiliated with his country’s Enlightenment, born 1711, died 1776

10. What day is February 14?

12. Leading member of Frankfurt School, German-Jewish philosopher known for his theory of negative dialectics

14. Jena-originated dialectical idealist, intellectual forebear of Karl Marx

15. German transcendental idealist and Enlightenment thinker, don of Kaliningrad (f.k.a. Königsberg)

18. Born 1968 in U.K., died in the same place in 2017, affiliated with latter-day resurgence of hauntology

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