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The saga of the goose and the squirrel rivalry

The saga of the goose and the squirrel rivalry

Mileana Borowski May 19, 2022

Legend has it that before the very first Carl stepped foot upon our hallowed campus grounds, the rivalry between squirrels and geese was already centuries old. Countless generations have contributed blood,...

Green Grass

Mileana Borowski May 5, 2022

This week, the sun has done a stunning job at luring Carleton students outdoors as they blissfully spilled out in hordes upon the benches, adirondacks, any flat-enough rocks and the grassy fields. And...

Dune is overrated

Mileana Borowski April 22, 2022

A two-and-a-half-hour ode to Timothée Chalamet’s jawline, the 2021 Dune remake did nothing to ease the discomfort of the cramped seating in the Weitz Cinema, to say the least. But film reviews aren’t...

Shadow Week

Mileana Borowski April 22, 2022

You’ve all heard of Party Week (if not, it’s okay; you can come out from under your rock now, I promise most of us don’t bite). Only slightly less well-known is this: in response to low turnout...

OHP Announces New SWA Animals

Mileana Borowski March 4, 2022

“As finals roll around and ninth week tightens its grip around us all, the will to live slowly leaks from the student body like the last exhales of a mouse in a boa constrictor’s grasp. Even my go-to...

The Marriage Pact was a hoax. You were the only one who signed up, dumbass

Mileana Borowski November 5, 2021

You there. Yes, you, the notably unattached one, are a dumbass. Thought a survey (which you filled out fueled only by the desire to procrastinate) was gonna solve the former of those two issues? Think...

More faculty speak: Professors weigh in on mask mandates

Mileana Borowski October 25, 2021

As Fall Term progresses and the pandemic continues to evolve, so does Carleton’s response. Effective October 6, masks have no longer been required in common, indoor spaces as they were at the start...

The Defeat of Jesse James Day

Mileana Borowski October 13, 2021

From September 9 to 12, the sounds of hoofbeats echoed on the streets of Northfield during the Defeat of Jesse James Days—an annual celebration of the failed Northfield Bank Raid of 1876. The Northfield...

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