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Book panel on thinking critically in college 

Mileana Borowski April 6, 2023

Carleton College welcomed back Louis E. Newman on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 28, 2023 to discuss his recent publication, “Thinking Critically in College: The Essential Handbook for Student Success.”  In...

Masterclasses taught by students

Mileana Borowski February 9, 2023

Talking Without Saying Anything: How to answer discussion questions when you haven't done the readingGetting to Class, Not Getting Frostbite: Secrets of the longest indoor route across campus in order...

Polar plunge victims finally defrost

Mileana Borowski February 2, 2023

Fifth Week, while the benchmark for many students in dopamine shortages and anxiety surpluses, has proved to have its merits. Yes, each term, midterms reliably herald soaring levels of stress. Despite...

In loving memory of second Burton tribute

Mileana Borowski January 19, 2023

Second Burton Tribute, known fondly by its loved ones as “woah look at what somebody put there,” passed away early last Wednesday morning, Jan. 18, 2023.  Born to the second-floor landing...

 New themed food weeks

Mileana Borowski October 20, 2022

Sixth week brought us the flavorful theme of Tunisian cuisine at LDC. As a joint venture between Bon Appetit, the Classics Department and Middle East Studies, meals included a lunch inspired by a traditional...

Where in the World is Schiller Sandiego?: Excerpts from the travel diary of Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller

Where in the World is Schiller Sandiego?: Excerpts from the travel diary of Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller

Mileana Borowski October 13, 2022

Date: 13th of October in the year 2022 Location: Somewhere in the Americas, recently secured shelter at a small institute amidst the open plains, much corn, the flattest place I’ve ever been to. Spent...

Admissions Update: First squirrel admitted to Carleton

Mileana Borowski September 29, 2022

Carleton always strives for a diverse student body. We hear that in every convocation speech, and the sentiment is certainly peppered throughout most of Carleton’s many newsletters. But many students...

Carletonian ad

Mileana Borowski September 22, 2022

Congrats, you’ve been selected for a most prestigious position! This is your formal invitation — yes, you, the one not in the Carletonian — to join the Carletonian (insert dramatic fanfare and celebration...

Drink of Champions

Mileana Borowski May 26, 2022

Does it feel as though you are emotionally and/or mentally limping rather than valiantly striding into finals week? Have you resigned yourself to taking notes for all your classes in the same single-subject...

The saga of the goose and the squirrel rivalry

The saga of the goose and the squirrel rivalry

Mileana Borowski May 19, 2022

Legend has it that before the very first Carl stepped foot upon our hallowed campus grounds, the rivalry between squirrels and geese was already centuries old. Countless generations have contributed blood,...

Green Grass

Mileana Borowski May 5, 2022

This week, the sun has done a stunning job at luring Carleton students outdoors as they blissfully spilled out in hordes upon the benches, adirondacks, any flat-enough rocks and the grassy fields. And...

Dune is overrated

Mileana Borowski April 22, 2022

A two-and-a-half-hour ode to Timothée Chalamet’s jawline, the 2021 Dune remake did nothing to ease the discomfort of the cramped seating in the Weitz Cinema, to say the least. But film reviews aren’t...

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